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Classification: Game / Platformer
Publisher: Codemasters Ltd.
Programmer: Craig Kelsall
Music/Sound: Gerard Gourley
Year: 1992
Rating: ★★★☆
Disk: Turbo the Tortoise.d64
Turbo the (for TheC64Mini)

I've never heard of Turbo The Tortoise until a few months ago, and it's unfortunate that this little platformer game never became as popular as other Commodore 64 classics. I find it to be a very entertaining Super Mario-style platform game, and this is coming from someone who doesn't particularly enjoy Super Mario Bros.

One thing I don't like about Super Mario Bros. type games is the mechanics. The way that the Mario character moves frustrates me to no end. It takes a second for him to get going and then, when you stop moving, you have to account for his inertia. So, I always find myself losing a life because I took to long to move, or I didn't stop moving soon enough. Thankfully, Turbo the Tortoise doesn't have these frustrations. His movements are exactly in sync with how I use the controller; no bloody inertia!

Another difference Turbo the Tortoise has over other similar games, like The Great Giana Sisters, is that you can take some time and explore the levels, finding objects (like a stone) and bringing them back to a place you were earlier to help you reach a place previously unreachable. In addition to this, in each level, there are some places that can only be reached by finding the nearby invisible platforms or elevator pads.

There are also “warp zones”, indicated by small divots on the ground. Standing on them and pressing down (aka duck) will take you to the warp zone, where you can collect extra points.

Turbo can also take a few hits before losing a life, another aspect that I find makes this platformer more enjoyable than others. I really like the art style in this game, too. The baddies are creative and well animated, and the level design and graphics reminds me a lot of Mega Man for the NES.

About the only thing really missing from the game would perhaps be some in-game music. There's a catchy little tune at the title page, but nothing while you're playing. Not a big deal, I suppose, just a little something that would have been a little extra icing on this splendid cake of a game.

If you haven't played Turbo the Tortoise before, then don't wait any longer. It's a fun little game that deserves so much more attention from the Commodore gaming crowd.

P.S. it also plays great on TheC64Mini. Download the zip file I created, which includes a CJM file that maps the buttons on TheC64 Joystick.


★★★☆ - Maybe not as sophisticated as other games from it's genre, but I actually enjoy playing it. It's cute, but not in a sickening way.

 Turbo Level 1  An Invisible Elevator Pad
 Level 1 Boss  Level 2
 Entry To A Warp Zone

Composed on my C128 with Archetype

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