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On certain pages you will see icons which represent keys on the C64 or C128; you'll mostly find these in the game-play instructions I've posted. If you're not sure what command/function each of these key icons represent, here's a legend for you to reference.

Icon Graphic Computer Command/Reference
:f1: F1 Key
:f2: F2 Key
:f3: F3 Key
:f4: F4 Key
:f5: F5 Key
:f6: F6 Key
:f7: F7 Key
:f8: F8 Key
:space: Space Bar
:return: Return Key
:restore: Restore Key
:ctrl: Control (CTRL) Key
:lshift: Left Shift Key
:rshift: Right Shift Key
:cbmkey: Commodore Key
:stop: Run/Stop Key
:inst: Inst/Del Key
:home: Clear/Home Key
:leftright: Left/Right Cursor Key
:updown: Up/Down Cursor Key
:leftarrow: Left Arrow Key
:uparrow: Up Arrow Key
:lthan: Less Than/Comma Key
:gthan: Greater Than/Period Key
:pound: Pound Key
Joystick Icons
:joyup: Joystick Up
:joydown: Joystick Down
:joyleft: Joystick Left
:joyright: Joystick Right
:joyfire: Press Fire Button

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