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GEOS Graphical Desktop Environment On these pages, you will find some tips and how-tos regarding the groundbreaking 8-bit graphical desktop environment, GEOS, created and published by Berkeley Softworks. Most of the information presented here is applicable to both the C64 and C128 versions of GEOS.

According to Wikipedia, “At its peak, GEOS was the third-most-popular microcomputer operating system in the world in terms of units shipped, trailing only MS-DOS and Mac OS (besides the original Commodore 64's KERNAL).”

I hope you find something useful in the following pages, and they answer some questions you may have about working with this incredible and historical piece of 8-bit technology.

If you have a favorite GEOS trick or tip, feel free to share it with me and I may just post it here, for others to benefit and learn from it.

How Tos

  • Multi-Tasking In GEOS... Sort Of - This is how you can run mini utility applications in GEOS, while working on your word document in GEO-Write or other supported GEOS application.


GEOS For TheC64 This is a zip file containing disk images and .CJM files you need to get GEOS working on TheC64 or TheC64Mini. For details on how to set these files up on your USB storage device, go to my blog post on the subject, HERE
Geos64.d64 GEOS 64 System Disk
Geos128.d64 GEOS 128 System Disk
GeoApps64.d64 GeoWrite and GeoPaint 64
GeoApps128.d64 GeoWrite and GeoPaint 128
GeoFile1.d64 GeoFile (side a)
GeoFile2.d64 GeoFile (side b)
DeskPack1.d64 GeoDeskPack 1 - contains a day-timer and blackjack game
PictureDisk1.d64 GEOS Clipart Collection 1
PictureDisk2.d64 GEOS Clipart Collection 2
PictureDisk3.d64 GEOS Clipart Collection 3
PictureDisk4.d64 GEOS Clipart Collection 4
LoadstarApps1.d64 Loadstar App. Collection 1 - incl. SID Player, Mine Sweeper, Mastermind, and Puzzle games
PowerPakA.d64 RUN Magazine's Power Pak 1 (side a)
PowerPakB.d64 RUN Magazine's Power Pak 1 (side b)
GeosUtilities1.d64 A collection of helpful utilities for your GEOS desktop

Please only download these GEOS system files if you do not have the resources or the technical ability to create your own from the files provided by Click Here Software Co.. Original GEOS files can be found on the Click Here Software Co.'s website.

A Brief GEOS / GeoWrite Demo
I found it amazing that you could do this sort of work/word processing on a C64. GEOS was an amazing accomplishment, in my opinion.

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