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1942 Game Manual

Copyright/Publisher: Elite, Release Year: 1986, Categorie: Air Combat Vertically Scroll, Number Of Players: 1


It is 1942, and war is raging in the Pacific. The enemy's fleet and airforce are growing in strength. It is up to you to restrict their numbers in a daring solo mission your carrier will take you as far as it dares, but from then on you are all alone. Fly your plane over enemy territory and installations, scattered islands and rough terrain.

Smart maneuvering and skillful aerobatics are required to outwit the enemy planes; recovering the mystery “POW”er capsules will give your plane extra capabilities. Be prepared, enemy gunners have their sights set on you, and their pilots are prepared to die to thwart your mission. The carrier awaits your safe return - but have you the skill to survive !!??


Use Joystick Port 2
:space: Roll the plane
:stop: Toggle pause on/off
:restore: Quit the game


You get one extra plane every 100.000 points.

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