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This is to help identify the joystick button mappings I have configured for my version of Night Mission Pinball, for playing on TheC64 Mini console.

After the game loads, you are presented with a menu screen that allows you to either play the game, read instructions, or watch a game demo. To make it faster for you to get right to playing the game, I have mapped the A key to the C64 Mini's joystick. To select the other menu options, use the virtual keyboard.

The Asterisk and Pound keys (also mapped to the joystick) are used to change the screen colours. Use Q to insert a quarter and S to start the game. The other key mappings are self explanatory, in the diagram below. But be aware: bump the table too much and it will TILT!!

Enjoy playing this very fun pinball simulator. I think it's one of the best ever created for the C64. It has many objectives to challenge you, as well as multi-ball.

You can download the D64 image and CJM file, here: Night Mission

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