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Wasteland Game Controls

Movement Commands
I Move Up
J Move Left
K Move Down
L Move Right
:space: Party Roster View Toggle On/Off
Non-Combat Commands
Use Use a skill, item, or attribute
Enc Encounter. Call up combat commands
Order Order up a new party order
Disband Break up party into groups or dismiss a non-player character
View Switch views to another party group
Save Save game
Radio Radio the ranger station to inquire about promotions for party members
:f1:, :f3:, :f5:, :f7: Call up use command for player 1, 2, 3, or 4
R Reorder a player's skills or possessions
Combat Commands
Run Move player or group one space
Use Use a skill, item, or attribute
Hire Hire a non-player character to join the group
Evade Evade an attack
Attack Attack an enemy
Weapon Change weapons
Load/Unjam Load or un-jam a weapon
S Show a list of encounter groups to attack
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