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Ultima I Game Controls

AAttack - attacks enemies with the chosen weapon.
BBoard - enter ships etc.
C Spell - cast the chosen spell
E Enter - you enter a town, castle etc.
F Fire - fire a weapon
G Get - pick up items
H Hyperjump - change to another sector (only possible in space)
I Inform and search - informs you about the current whereabouts
K Climb - climb a ladder up or down
N Noises - switch on or off the noises of movement
O Open - open a coffin
Q Save - saves the game
R Ready - make weapon, armour or spell ready for the fight
S Steal - steal from the royal stores
T Interact - talk with the king or the trader
U Unlock - opens locker doors in castles (if you have the key)
V View - change view of the spaceship
X Exit - exit
Z Status - get status information
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