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Alien 3 Game Manual

ALIEN 3 - by Acclaim Entertainment © Virgin Software

The Future is now … The space ship SULACO, which is carrying the cryotubes that Ripley, Newt and Hicks have been in a state of hyper sleep within, is being propelled through space when a malfunction occurs.

In response to this malfunction, SULACO's 'brain' ejects the EEV containing the cryotubes. We later find out that not only has the synthetic human, bishop been aboard as well, but an unborn ALIEN has also managed to infest itself within the body of Ripley.

As the SULACO plummets helpless through space, the EEV is hurled out of its hold and crashed on an isolated section of the mining planet and 'penal colony', FIORINA 161.

Upon impact, the EEV is seriously damaged, Newt and Hicks are dead. Bishop,the android is reduced to negative capability, while Ripley is left unconscious but alive.

FIORINA 161 is inhabited by hard-core individuals, convicts serving time in this maximum security facility. These outcasts were left on the planet as a maintenance crew, unable to function in civilisation. They are joined by a medical officer, Clemens, and two supervisors.

Ripley, suspecting that aliens have followed her, searches the proof. She knows that 'The Company', considers the Aliens to be an important species and has ordered them not to be harmed. 'The Company' has millions of dollars invested in the 'Alien Retrival Project'which would bring this strain of hideous killing machines back to earth and used as 'weapons'.

Ripley now takes on her most important assignment. She must rescue the Alien's captives, then find and destroy them.

THAT BUMP … is your heart … as you get to confront the ALIENS!


Use a joystick in port two.

SPACE - Toggles weapon

P - Pause Game

RADAR SCREEN - Pick up batteries to activate the Radar Screen, situated in the bottom right corner of the screen.

The Stages:

There are several stages divided into different missions … So when the game writes one of the following you are going to expect something special.

MISSION: Get all the prisoners and free them, destroying all aliens along the way.

RESCUE (MAYHEM): Concentrate on the prisoners and remember time is against you.

EXTERMINATE: Seek and Destroy ! You cannot exit these stages until all aliens are dead.

GUARDIAN: Just a bigger one to kill …

You must search everywhere, jump through walls and crawl through tunnels. Destroy every hidden Alien Pod. The survival of even one Alien could mean that Earth is in danger. Without you, the Aliens will take over. Remember, they bile acid - they hunger for humans - they destroy their host! Dramatic - ain't it ?

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