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The Bouncing Kamungas Game Manual

Bouncing Kamungas
Tom Becklund

Being a melon farmer isn't all it's cracked up to be. Delicate plants are at the mercy of too much rain and extended drought. Even if the weather is kind, selling your harvest in the notoriously unstable melon market is always risky.

Most maddening of all, however, are the bouncing kamungas – mischievous furballs who drop from low-hanging clouds into melon patches, splattering melons and wrecking your livelihood.

You must stand guard to protect the melon patch, warding off the kamungas with a trusty, rusty pitchfork. Avoid becoming too involved in making kamunga shish-kabobs, however; an upright pitchfork attracts lightning and eventually lowers the clouds, bringing the mischievous kamungas closer to the melons. Watch out for snakes crawling into the melon patch – they will slither off with the melons you've already harvested.

If you ward off the kamungas and harvest a truckload of melons, rush them to market before they spoil. Standing in the way, however, are the sneaky “peronies”, which imitate bumps in the road and gobble up the melons jarred from the truck.

Like we said, being a melon farmer isn't all it's cracked up to be…


In Polarware's Bouncing Kamungas, you continually seed your melon patch and harvest ripe melons until you have gathered nine. When you have your melons gathered, you must drive a truck to market fast enough to beat a timer, slow enough to avid losing melons to the tricky peronies.

There are several ways to earn points. Whenever you harvest a melon, you earn points – new melons are worth 25 points; ripe melons are worth 999 points. You receive bonus points when you deliver a load of melons – the number of points is calculated by multiplying the number of melons you deliver by the amount of time left on the timer. You also receive points when you impale kamungas on your pitchfork.

Bouncing Kamungas can be played in two modes: :f1: Joystick or :f3: Keyboard.

These keys are used when playing in keyboard mode: The :updown: key moves the character left and the :leftright: key moves him right.

A – raises pitchfork
Z – sows melons
:space: – harvest melons.

When driving your truck to market, move the joystick left to slow down, right to speed up. In keyboard mode, use :updown: and :leftright: keys to control the speed of the truck.

In addition, :stop: pauses the game, :stop: + :restore: restarts a game, :f5: turns sound on, and :f7: turns sound off.


How do you tell when a melon is ripe? Unripe melons have unbroken vertical stripes. When a melon ripens, the stripes break up and look like dots. Don't worry – with a little practice, you'll be picking ripe melons like a pro.

A counter in the top left hand corner of the screen keeps track of the number of ripe melons you have left to harvest before you go to market. An important note: If a serpent slithers too far into the patch, it will make off with all of the ripe melons you've harvested. To ward off the snake, move towards it as quickly as possible. The interloper will beat a hasty retreat.

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