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Scarabaeus Manual

Search the labyrinth find the medicine seek for information


Special features:

- superb graphics

- 3D Labyrinth with “SCOLLERAMA”

- Zombies and Ghosts

- complex hieroglyphics

- brilliant 3D elevator operations

- poison potions and medicines

I started my search for SCARABAEUS the myth smaragd of the pharaos and went through the deadly portal only to be bitten by an poisonous spider! My heart is now less healthy and I may not live long enough to search the big labyrinth. If I do, I may have not enough force to defeat the zombies and catch the ghosts. In the labyrinth I must find hieroglyphic codes to find the pharaoh's tomb, different poison and medicine and to collect zombie traps. Without full health it is up to me to find these codes to stay alive. The next morning seems so far away, now when I step down into the dark horror of the pharaoh's tomb to find the great SCARABAEUS.

Loading: Disk

Switch on your computer and your floppy. Insert the game disk and type: load“AS”,8,1. Press RETURN. Plug the joystick in port 2.

Loading: Tape

Press SHIFT and RUN/STOP. Then press the PLAY Button on your Tapedrive. The game is loading automatically.Plug the joystick in port 2.

Select the sound

Use M to select between music and sound effects.

Level 1: Object

The idea is to gather 9 hieroglyphs to complete your key. Your key is displayed by pressing the 'FIRE' button. Hieroglyphs are collected by tracking down and touching ghosts in the maze. These ghost don't kill you.

In level 2 this complete key allows you to recognize poison and bad zombie traps. You need the medicine to survive the spider bite at the portal. If the key is complete, then go to the elevator on the outside of the labyrinth.

Controlling in level 1

FORWARD - move, enter elevator BACK - show map LEFT/RIGHT - turn around FIRE - show key

Level 2: Object

Your task is to identify 8 medicines and 4 good zombie traps. This is done by examining places as shown on the map and also reading the hieroglyphs on the wall. Potions are shown as bottles and traps as gas masks and are good or evil. If the 9 hieroglyphs are in the key match those on the wall in any order these are useful in later levels. To select the trap or potion to take to level 3 push joystick right. You should collect all 8 potions. This makes it easier to complete the puzzle at the Pharoah's Tomb.

If you are selecting a wrong trap then your health goes down. The selection of the 8th medicin kills all spiders automatially. Watch out! Some Potions are poisoned. If you make a mistake during comparing the symbols, then you may take a poison. This may have fatal [consequences]!

The puzzle of the Pharaoh

After finding thr key to Pharoah's Tomb you are able to move though the walls of level 3. To solve this puzzle move the joystick to the LEFT or the RIGHT to position the cursor. Use FIRE to move the pieces. If all pieces are viewing the key to the Pharoah's Tomb, you'll get it.

Controlling in level 2

FORWARD - move, enter elevator, view hieroglyphs BACK - show map and key LEFT/RIGHT - turn around

Level 3: Object

Enter the Pharoah's Tomb and there for complete your task. To enter the tomb you must complete the puzzle at the entrance. To achieve this you must visit the medicine niches and take the potions. As you take each potion it will open up new parts of the entry puzzle.

Entry to the Tomb

You must move the center hieroglyphcs so that the four columns exactly match the side columns which will only be completly visible if you have collected all eight medicines. Remember! You must set the zombie traps for each monster, and have 40 moves in which to complete the entry puzzle.

Controlling in level 3

FORWARD - move, enter elevator BACK - show map LEFT/RIGHT - turn around FIRE - drop Zombie trap

Using the Elevator

To go to another level locate the elevator entrance by refering to the map. Turn the stick against the clock to drive to the last level. Turn it with the clock to reach the next level. Make sure that you start with joystick UP. Don't miss any position! The elevator colors change from grey/red to brown/red to indicate a new level. Press FIRE to leave the elevator.

Status indicators

Position within the labirinth - Shows the number of the current level

Tickertape - Indicates state of exhaustion. WARNING over-exertion kills.

Health - The current state of health is shown by the door raising and lowering.

Time - Expiry of time is shown by the hour glass.

Direction - This indicator show the view direction.


The maps contents - A dead head indicates the position of an ghost.

- The elevator is shown at the outer side.

- 5 different symbols are viewing information places and medicine niches as follows: - Place with monster - visited - not yet visited - Place without monster - visited - not yet visited

Monster movement

In the first level the ghosts are moving away. The spiders in the second level are waiting at the information places. If you pass these places the spiders are following, becuse there slower. You should lead them into the labyrinth, so you have time to examine the hieroglyphcs, before they return. A warning sound is reporting a returning spider. If a spider hits you from behind this lowers your health and the spider is [dead]. In Level 3 the Zombies are comming on the shortest way direct to your position.


Level 1:

Each taken hieroglyph - 500

Level 2:

Each selection between medicin or Trap - 1000

Finding the key of the Pharao - 5000

Level 3:

Each taken medicin - 10000

Medicin-bonus - depends on health when taken the last medicine

Time-bonus - depends on the time, when taking the last medicine.


Pharao-Bonus - depends on the time, when finding SCARABAEUS

To view the points press H. Press the joystick to front to continue the game. Die Points are automatically shown at game end. Press S to start a new game.


Press RUN/STOP to restart the game.

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