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Mar 13th, 2024

I've spent the last few evenings working on updating the media section of the website. What I wanted to do was add a few more useful bits of information for the games and applications that I had listed for download, especially for those titles that I hadn't written reviews on. I focused on the C64 games for now and will move on to the applications as my time allows. At some point in the future, the Library should replace the Media section of the website.

I didn't include the games for the C128, as they have their own space on the website.

For each of the games, I've included a few stats, a box cover photo (and when I couldn't find an official one for the game, I made my own), d64 and cjm files for downloading, instructions on how to play the game, joystick mappings that I created for TheC64Mini, and a selection of screenshots for each game. If I had a video of the game-play, I added that too.

For the disk images, I updated what I could with un-cracked (non trainer) versions of the games if I could find any. Some of them came from my own collection of floppy disks. I should also mention that all of the games in this collection are NTSC friendly. My next step will be adding the games that I have game instructions for, so everything is in one collection, or “Library”; which is what I'm calling the new section… The Library.

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