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Oct. 8th, 2023

So, here's my latest (and probably last - for a while) Lulu book printing project: The Unix 128 and Loadstar 128 SHELL User Manual. (Note: Yes, I have since corrected the book cover to include the proper title, “128 SHELL”) I wanted to do something specific for the C128 and these two operating systems for the “great one two eight” are what I'm currently tinkering with. So, having the contents of the Unix 128 MAN pages and the digital documentation for 128 SHELL in a printed manual is very convenient.

This time, I went with an A5 formatted book, rather than the 8.5“ x 11” format I went with for the previous Commodore books. This makes it more convenient to flip through, while working on the computer. Once again, Lulu did a great job producing the book.

As I get more familiar with using these two operating systems, I won't need to reference the manual as much. But, having all of the commands (and their explanations) so readily at hand is making it very easy to learn the ins and outs and the syntax of each of the commands.

Even though I think the pricing of printing is very reasonable at Lulu, my budget for such extravagances has been spent. So, this will be my last Lulu project for a while. However, I did spend a little bit of it towards a couple of Lulu Christmas presents for my wife, printing a couple of books that I know she will enjoy.

If anyone reading this is interested in any of the books I've mentioned here, or to see the others in my “wish list”, you can visit my Lulu page here:

You can also find out more about these two operating systems, as well as disk images containing them, in my special C128 section, The Unseen 128.

Unix 128 and Shell 128 Unix 128 and Shell 128
Unix 128 and Shell 128

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