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Mini Game Reviews - Vol. 2


I'm not a huge fan of number puzzle games, like Sudoku, but this one I like and come back to often. It's a game where you move the number tiles to combine equal values together. But with each move, two more number blocks are added to the grid. When you run out of space on the grid, the game is over, so you have to plan your moves to combine as many of the number blocks as you can.

It's a simple enough game to pick up and start playing, but gets challenging quickly, as the numbers rise and the grid starts to fill up. And, even though the layout and graphics are basic, they still look really good. They remind me something you would see on the Nintendo DS. On top of all of this, the in-game music has a real good techno beat.


Let's Invade!

I've never enjoyed the Space Invader style of game as much as I do when playing Let's Invade! This is the best done Space Invaders clone I've come across. The pixelized styled graphics are a fresh take on the format. And the music… oh the music. It's one of the best tracks I've heard in a video game in a long time (okay, since Steel Ranger).

Along the way, you pick up temporary power ups, like shields, or a “smart bomb” that wipes out the entire grid of alien craft. As the levels progress, the alien craft provide more of a challenge as some will take multiple shots to destroy, as well as gradually getting faster and more challenging to target.

If you like Space Invader-type games, you'll really enjoy Let's Invade! If you don't like this kind of space shooter game, I still suggest you give it a try, just to listen to the music. Fantastic!

There's also a sequel to this game, Let's Invade 2, but I prefer the original.



Wolfing was, apparently, originally written for the NES and recently ported to our beloved C64. I never played the original, but from what I saw in screenshots, the C64 is a pretty close recreation of the game. It's a platformer, where you are a werewolf and must escape the dungeon you find yourself in. The moonlight transforms you from human to wolf. In each of the two forms, you possess certain abilities, which you must use to escape and win the game.

I haven't played it much, as of yet, so I haven't gotten very far. But, from what I've seen, it appears to be a solid platform game. The only thing that frustrates me about this game is the Mario-esque inertia that you have to account for, when running and jumping. I just find it too easy to slide off what ever I'm trying to jump on to. This has always been a thorn in my side, with these kinds of video games, which makes me reluctant to spend much time playing them. ★★☆☆

Rocket Smash EX

Rocket Smash EX is a modern day, ramped up version of the classic game, JetPac. Much of the game goals and mechanics are the same between the two games. However, Rocket Smash is just a bit more sophisticated in its presentation. It also has a “story mode”, which adds a humorous spin on the plight of your character.

The graphics are very colourful and the soundtrack suites the frantic pace of the game very well. There's some pretty good speech samples thrown in there, as well.

The gameplay is challenging, but it's one of those games that I find really hard to put down, once I get going. Lots of fun!


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