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I'm working at making this a one-stop-shop for all of the games I've been able to find for the C128. I've indicated whether the game plays using the VIC-II 40 column screen or the VDC 80 column screen. Note that some of these games will not load properly with the LOAD “*”,8,1 method. You will need to use DLOAD or SHIFT+RUN/STOP commands for those. Also, just for matter of convenience, several of the games published by Loadstar I've posted here on compilation disks (lsgames128-1, 2, 3, etc.).

Disk Image Description VIC VDC Screen
alien 8 c128.d64 Alien 8 An isometric maze puzzle game that is playable with both the VIC and VDC. VIEW
alien attack 128.d64 Alien Attack - A very colourful PETSCII art horizontal space shooter that gets quite fast as you progress along. VIEW
Amaurote - A port of the classic isometric game for the ZX Spectrum. VIEW
angleracer.d64 Angle Racer - A very simple single track racer. Get to the $ as fast as you can. VIEW Arkanoid Revenge of Doh - A challenging port of the classic Arkanoid game, which supports keyboard, joystick and 1351 mouse input. VIEW
astrax.d64 Astra: Invasion 3 - A fast paced space shooter in which you have to repel an alien invasion force. Goto Review... VIEW
lsgames128-2.d64 Backgammon - Play Backgammon against the C128. VIEW
lsgames128-1.d64 Beleaguered Castle - A challenging style of castle solitaire. VIEW
bucketwars.d64 Bucket Wars - A turn based strategy game in which you need to use your army's limited abilities to obliterate your computer opponent. VIEW
burgerwhop.d64 BurgerWhop! - A very well done port of the classic arcade game, Burger Time. Goto Review... VIEW
c128crush.d64 C128 Crush - A horizontal Break Out clone programmed in BASIC 7.0. VIEW
careers.d64 Careers - The Parker Bros. board game of the same name for the C128. Play against the computer or up to three other players. VIEW
clue-castle.d64 Clue Castle - In this game you must find the murderer by interviewing the other castle guests and staff. VIEW
lsgames128-1.d64 Concentrate - Match the tiles and solve the hidden rebus before your opponent. VIEW
lsgames128-3.d64 Crazy Eights. - It's the classic card game on the 80 column VDC. VIEW
lsgames128-3.d64 Cribbage128 - The card game cribbage you play against the C128. VIEW
crypt.d64 Crypt - Collect the treasure in each of the four crypts and try not to get captured by the dangerous monsters within. VIEW
lsgames128-2.d64 Cybertank - Program you cyber-tank to effectively engage and destroy the enemy combatants. VIEW
lsgames128-3.d64 Darwin's Bugs. - A simulator game, of sorts, where you can grow your own life forms to see where “evolution” can take them. VIEW
demon-dungeon.d64 Demon Dungeon - Explore the maze and collect the treasure before time runs out. Watch out for the demons! VIEW
lsgames128-4.d64 Doctor Crypto - Work out the word puzzle by de-crypting the code of the quotable quote as fast as you can. VIEW
dropzone-128.d64 DropZone - The relentless and challenging Defender-style shooter on the C128. This one only plays on PAL systems, it seems. VIEW
empire128.d64 Empire 128 - A barter/trading adventure game where you travel the land as a merchant and try to build your wealth. VIEW
epic.d64 Epic - An turn based RPG in a vast world of high adventure. The precursor to Knight's Quest. VIEW
fastblast.d64 Faster Blaster - A pretty simple vertical space shooter written in BASIC 7.0. VIEW
fenetre_sur_ma_cour.d64 Fenetre sur ma Cour - A French text adventure game. VIEW
ffii128.d64 Frantic Freddie II - The (awesome) unofficial sequel to the classic Frantic Freddie. Goto Review... VIEW
fruttyman128.d64 Fruity Man 128 - A collect 'em up strategy game in which you have to out maneuver the calculating beastie that's after you. VIEW
galactic-cab.d64 Galactic Cab - Inspired by the C64 classic, Space Taxi, your job is to pick up passengers and not crash into anything in the process. VIEW
lsgames128-1.d64 Grim Oak Manor - A text adventure game in which you must solve the murder of your great uncle. VIEW
games128.d64 Games 128 Compilation - A collection of assorted card and number games to pass the time. VIEW
gbasic128.d64 Gangster - Get rid of gangsters held up in their fortress before they penetrate your defenses. VIEW
gbasic128.d64 Gridlock - A vertical space shooter where you try to survive to make it to the end of each warp gate. VIEW
hibernated_128.d71 Hibernated 128 ver. - An engaging text adventure with some very well done story telling. Show the author some support and visit his page VIEW
hydra.d64 Hydra - This is a puzzle game in which you arrange tiles to reassemble the proper patterns of “the hydra”. Goto Review... VIEW
invaders128.d64 Alien Invaders - An authentic port of the classic Space Invaders, which looks great on the VDC. VIEW
lsgames128-4.d64 Isolation - This is a puzzle game in which you must place your coloured tiles on the board, but not next to any tile of matching colour. VIEW
java_jail.d64 Java Jail - A somewhat broken collect 'em up platformer written in BASIC 7.0, with ghosts and robots?! VIEW
jman.d64 Jan Pac - A Pac-Man inspired maze game, programmed in BASIC 7.0. VIEW
kickstart128.d64 Kikstart - The classic motorcycle obstacle course game ported to the 128. VIEW
lsgames128-1.d64 Keno - Place your bet and choose the numbers that will bring you good fortune, playing video Keno. VIEW
knights_quest.d64 Knight's Quest - An epic RPG adventure with a huge world to explore, numerous side quests and wide range of characters to interact with. Goto Review... VIEW
labyrinth128.d64 Labyrinth 128 - An RPG dungeon crawling game in which you descend into the multi level labyrinth to hunt for treasure. VIEW
last_v8.d64 The Last V8 - A port of Mastertronic's original game for the C64, for better or for worse. VIEW
LUDO! - Ludo is a four player board game, similar to Pachisi or Milton Bradley's “Trouble” (if you remember that from your childhood). GeoLudo (for GEOS) is also available. VIEW
lsgames128-4.d64 Lunacy - In this puzzle game, your goal is to clear the screen of numbers, but you can only move the number of spaces dictated by the number values surrounding you. VIEW
mah-jong.d64 Mah-Jongg - A very well done version of this standard tile matching game. You'll need the 1351 mouse to play this one. VIEW
magicblocks.d64 Magic Blocks - A puzzle platformer in which you pick up and place blocks to reach gems for points and the key to the next level. Goto Review... VIEW
lsgames128-3.d64 Match It - A concentration-style game you play against the computer. VIEW
memory-lane.d64 Memory Lane - A text adventure game with six different possible endings, all based on your actions in the game. VIEW
lsgames128-2.d64 Night Mirrors - In this game, you take turns against your opponent at arranging the maze of mirrors in such a way that allows your projectile to reach the other side. VIEW
phazer.d64 Phazer - This is a space-themed barter/trading text adventure game. VIEW
pizzaboy.d64 Pizza Boy - A maze game in which you race against the clock to deliver pizzas, while avoiding traffic. VIEW
lsgames128-1.d64 Quick Draw - Try to be faster on the draw than your opponent. Play two player or against the computer. VIEW
lsgames128-3.d64 Quiltin' Bee - This is an interesting strategy game playable with up to six people. Roll the dice and place your quilting squares on the board until no more squares can be placed. VIEW
qwak_128.d64 Qwak 128 - A platform collect 'em-up game in which you must collect keys to unlock the door to the next level. VIEW
robodroids.d64 Robodroids - A platformer in which you need to get your droid to the top of the screen, while avoiding the traps and other droids out to get you. VIEW
rocky horror picture 128.d64 The Rocky Horror Picture Show - A quirky beat-the-clock adventure platformer based on the equally strange movie. VIEW
seahunt.d64 Sea Hunt - A simple game in which you need to dive to the ocean floor to collect treasure and bring it to your boat without getting eaten by sharks. VIEW
seawolf128.d64 Sea Wolf 128 - Inspired by the Bally original, torpedo as many ships as you can before getting blasted out of the water. VIEW
lsgames128-3.d64 Shoot the Breeze - Roll the dice and remove as many flags as you can. VIEW
snapsnake.d64 Snap Snake - From your lair, you must “snake” out to collect gems. But be fast to recoil so you don't get caught by the nasies out to stop you. VIEW
solitair_80.d64 Solitaire 80 - It's Solitaire on the VDC, supporting 1351 mouse and keyboard controls. VIEW Space Pirates 128 - A space based RPG where you're out to make a fortune buying and sell (or pirating) cargo. VIEW
speedtrap.d64 Speed Trap - Catch speeding cars with your radar gun, but don't let them see you until the very last moment. VIEW
starfleet simulator 128.d64 Starfleet Simulator 128 - An interesting strategy game simulator in which you command the Enterprise D against a Borg invasion force. VIEW
taxman.d64 Taxman - Collect as much money as you can before the “tax beast” eats it up or catches you in the process. VIEW
tetris 128.d64 Tetris 80 - In this version of Tetris, you have a few game options that you can change to help make each game a little different each time you play. VIEW
trucker128.d64 Trucker 128 - A text based barter/trade style game in which you need to make decisions to help you become the most profitable trucker on the road. VIEW
tiefighter128.d64 Tie Fighter 128 - A simplistic version of the Star Wars style space shooter in which you have to blast Tie Fighters before they get too close. VIEW
gbasic128.d64 Vega Lander - Pick up Vega ore capsules while avoiding deadly comets and treacherous landscapes. VIEW
lsgames128-2.d64 Verbatim! - Collect category cards by solving word puzzles before your opponent. VIEW
volleyfortwo.d71 Volley For Two - A game for two players in which you try to keep a volley ball in the air by knocking it with your noggin'. VIEW
lsgames128-4.d64 Wheels and Bones - Play either Tic-Tack-Toe, or the more challenging Wheels-and-Bones in which you must keep from getting three in a row. VIEW
worldatwar.d64 World At War - A board game similar to Risk, in which you can play against a friend or the computer. VIEW
wreck128.d64 Wreck of the Copernicus - A text adventure game in which you must discover what happened aboard the space cruiser, the Copernicus. VIEW
lsgames128-2.d64 Yachtword - Something between a card game and Scrabble but with dice rolls. VIEW

BONUS: c128 adventure - 500 text adventure games playable in both 40 and 80 column screens.

C64 Games Enhanced for the C128

The following is a list of games that are for the C64, but have been enhanced in some way that take advantage of the C128 when run in GO64 mode.

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