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Classification: Game / Platformer
Publisher: Independent
Programmer: Brian L. Copeland
Music/Sound: Brian L. Copeland
Year: 1988
Disk: BurgerWhop.d64

I've played Burger Time (and its clones) on many different gaming consoles, including the Intellivision, ColecoVision, Atari 2600, NES, and the Commodore 64. And, without a doubt, I'd have to say that this verison, written for the Commodore 128 - in 80 column mode no less - is my second favorite rendition of this classic platformer game.

In this review, I will save you the trouble of having to read a description of what the game, Burger Time, is all about. Rather, I'll explain as to why I like this version of this classic arcade game so much. The only other version that I like more, is the one released for the Mattel Intellivision. What makes BurgerWhop! so enjoyable for me is that the creator, Brian Copeland, has been able to capture more aspects of the original Burger Time than any other version I've played.

All of the different levels are there (at least as far as I've been able to make it) and well represented. This includes the different burger ingredients, the platform layouts, and the vibrant colours. In every other version of the game, except for the Intellivison, these points are either omitted, compromised, or otherwise stylized differently in some way.

Each of the baddies of the original game are all represented in some fashion and stick very close to their original movements and behaviors. Just as you can control their movements to some point in the arcade game, the same can be done in this version. This is one of my biggest disappointments in many of the other renditions of Burger Time, as most of them compromise on the baddies in some way. But, for the C128, everyone is here; the sausages, the egg, and even the pickles! Copeland has even been able to include the variety of Pepper bonuses, which some of the other versions tend to overlook.

The sound effects and background music also stay true to the arcade, in this version of the game. But, most importantly - at least to me - is how well the game plays. The controls are very tight and responsive and make it to be the best in game-play that I've ever experienced, outside of the original arcade version. This was the major gripe I had with the three versions of the game released for the C64 (this includes Burger Chase - by Supersoft, Burger Time - by Interceptor, and Burger Time '97 - by LoadStar).

I'll admit, the resolution and character details in this version of the game are not as sharp, when compared to other versions. But, I find this very easy to overlook, once you start playing the game and see how everything else about this game comes together so perfectly.

If you are a fan of the game, Burger Time, I strongly recommend that you give BurgerWhop! a try!


SAVE SAVE IT - I think it's one of the better ports of BurgerTime out there; second only to the version ported to the Intellivision. The sound and level design are faithful to the original and the controls are responsive.

Composed with ArcheType on my C128

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