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These instructions are to help you get this copy of Wasteland copied onto your USB stick and running on your C64Mini console.

There are two folders in the Wasteland Mini file. Put the wasteland_AD folder in the hidden .THEC64SAVE folder, on your USB device. The other folder, named Wasteland, can be put anywhere on your USB drive. To play the game on the C64 mini, go into the Wasteland folder (where ever you put it on your USB device) and then go into the folder called Game1. Run the disk image, wasteland that you will find in the Game1 folder. The C64Mini will try to load the game, but you will see the error:

That's okay. Now open up the Save/load game option for the Mini and restore the first saved game you will find there. You should be off and running. At least, this works for me.

Make sure you have a USB keyboard plugged in, as you won't get far without it. The game uses the keyboard for all of it's controls and user inputs. As for how to play the game, well, I'll leave trying to find a game manual up to you. ;-) However, I have added .cjm files so you can use the joystick for some of the controls in the game. The joystick has been assigned I, K, J, and L for the up, down, left, and right movements of your team. The TL and TR keys have been assigned Y and N, and the bottom buttons have been assigned U, E, and O. Finally, the fire buttons have been assigned to the RETURN key. The rest of the game controls require the USB keyboard.

I can't guarantee these disk images will entirely work. I've only played for about a half hour on the Mini. But, so far, the game has been playing fine. Also be aware that, in order to get the game to run, I had to use the “Accurate Disk” setting. So be patient, the loading of different locations is a bit slow.

When the game asks you to insert disk 2, 3, or 4, save the game on the C64Mini, then load the corresponding disk image found in the other GameX folders. Then, load the saved game from the C64Mini.

Good luck and have fun!

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