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Sword of Fargoal Manual

by Jeff McCord


Game Design and Program:

Dedication: To Philip B. Shaw and others for suggestions and extensive testing!

Book of Lore: Jeff McCord with Susan W. Lee-Morrow

Playtesting: Rik Wilson, Jim Jennings, The Bruners, Marj and Chris, Kristi Cartwright, Kristy Sensenig, Laurence Wells, The McCords, and the list goes on…

Illustrations: George Barr

Typesetting: CBM Type, Sunnyvale, CA

Printing: W.H. Barth, Mountain View, CA

Copyright (C) 1982, EPYX, Inc. 1043 Kiel Court Sunnyvale, CA 94086

The Plight of the Great Forest

The misty powers of magic have settled over the Great Forest lands, twisting, swirling into every nook of the village of Ferrin. Evil spells wisp about like fog, draining courage and trust from the hearts of men. Good magics have vanished, and no longer are there brave warriors who wield weapons of steel against the land's enemies. The Protectorate Sword is gone!

It began one dreary day now thirty years passed. A young fighter named Gedwyn was riding on his steed through his village square when an old man approached him from the shadows of a sidestreet.

“Young sir,” he cried in a rattling voice. “Please, you must help me. My village, which lies a day's ride to the west, is being ravaged by the Beast of the Mountains … My family is in danger!”

The Beast, Gedwyn knew, was a fiery dragon that lived amongst the craggy peaks of the mountains in the west. Images of thatched houses aflame and people fleeing in terror passed through his mind as the old man spoke.

“I will gather our best fighting men and ride to this place at once!” Gedwyn poised to spur on his horse.

“No! … no!” returned the wide-eyed man. “You must use the Sword! The Sword is the only way to kill the vile creature!”

The Protectorate Sword was forged, it is told, in the fires of the gods. Kept sheathed in the massive stone floor of a temple in the center of Ferrin, the Sword protected the Great Forest from evil for countless years. When wielded against an evil hand, the enemy is surely defeated.

As the old man's plea reached Gedwyn's ears, he began to think: I would only have to draw the Sword from the temple and confront this dragon. With the Beast vanquished, my name would pass into the legends of the land.

Thus inspired, he rode to the temple and entered the darkness to reach for the Sword. Finding it, he grabbed the Sword's jeweled hilt with both hands and slowly drew the blade. Colorful rays of light speared outward, piercing the dusty air as he raised the glowing weapon.

Wrapping the Sword in heavy cloth, he rode back to the spot where he had met the old man … he was gone! Gedwyn rode westward to find the old man's village and to seek the Beast of the Mountain.

At the base of the mountains, he found not a village but a fortress of towering stone. He was greeted roughly by five guards with piercing green eyes and smokey black armor. These dark warriors led Gedwyn into a great hall, where a war lord sat upon a high throne.

“Give me the Sword!” the black-cloaked figure commanded. “It can do you no good, for its powers are not strong so far away from its home.” Gedwyn's suspicions that he was being led into a trap gained strength by the moment. With escape in mind and the enchanted Sword in hand, he lunged forward.

Just at that moment, a blinding light struck Gedwyn's eyes. Then blackness …

… Gedwyn woke to more blackness. He rubbed his eyes and shook his head. He still could not see. Had the war lord struck him blind? Yes, he certainly had the power to do it.

A soothing elvin voice reached Gedwyn's ears. “I see you have decided to join the living!”

The elf explained that he and his followers had discovered Gedwyn, battered and in rags, at the edge of the Great Forest. They themselves had just escaped from the evil grasp of the war lord's master, a powerful wizard named Umla. Within the past seven days, Umla had begun a reign of terror over the forest. Herds of evil, lurking creatures under his command were guarding the villages to keep people from fleeing. Rumor had it that the Protectorate Sword had been taken deep into the mountains and hidden, where it could no longer protect the land. It now became known as the Sword of Fargoal!

You come from a village miles away from the scorched remains of Gedwyn's home but still within reach of Umla's evil grasp. The only way to free the land from Umla's control is to put the Sword of Fargoal into the hands of Gedwyn, the blind fighter. It is Gedwyn, the man who removed the Sword from its stone in the temple, who can use it against the evil of Umla and destroy him forever. Gedwyn awaits in the temple for the return of the Sword.

You are magically transported into the uppermost level of the dungeon with three things in your possession to aid in your quest: a short sword, a teleport spell, and a healing vial. Hope spurs you on to reach the place in the depths of the dungeon that conceals the magical Sword and to return with it to the stairs out of the mountain vault!

The Sword of Fargoal is said to have been placed somewhere between the fifteenth and the twentieth level of the dungeon. If you find it, your quest only becomes more difficult. With the Sword in hand, Umla knows where you are! It would be only a matter of time before he destroys the entire dungeon. For this reason, once you find the goal to your quest, you only have 33 minutes to escape!

May you fare well as your quest begins!!

How to Play


As you begin your quest for the Sword of Fargoal, your characteristics will be displayed:


Experience Points are a measure of your accomplishments during your quest. You gain points each time you slay monsters, acquire new treasures, and complete dungeon levels.

Experience Level is dependent upon your experience points. When your experience level goes up, so do your maximum hit points and your battle skills (see below). You need 200 experience points to reach experience level 2.

Thereafter, you must double your experience points to reach the next level (400 for level 3, 800 for level 4, etc.).

Maximum Hits refers to the number of hit points you have. The higher your hit points, the more you can be hit or wounded by monsters and still stay alive. Each time you are injured in a fight or a trap your hit points will be reduced accordingly. When they fall below 0, you are dead. Hits points can be recovered by drinking a Healing Potion (see the TREASURES AND TRAPS section).

Battle Skill measures your prowess in battle. The higher your battle skill, the better your chances in fighting monsters. Your battle skill increases each time you slay a monster and each time your experience level goes up.

Dungeon Level keeps track of which dungeon level you are about to enter.

Monsters Slain helps to increase your battle skill (and, therefore, your experience level).

After your characteristics, your Inventory will be displayed:


These items are all treasures that can be found in the dungeon. However, you do begin your quest with one Healing Potion and one Teleport spell.

A complete description of the treasures is found in the TREASURES AND TRAPS section of this book.

Each time you enter a new level, your current inventory will be displayed again.


The dungeon is dark when you first enter, except for the area immediately surrounding you. The character on the screen is you. As you move, those portions of the dungeon that you are traveling through will light up and remain lighted as long as you are on that level.

At the top of the screen, your maximum hits will be displayed and how much gold you have collected. When you are attacking a monster, its name will be printed in this text window, along with other pertinent messages. Be sure to refer to the text window regularly.

Each level of the dungeon is randomly generated. Every time you enter a new level, you enter an entirely new layout with treasures, monsters, traps, gold, and the temple located in a new place.

As you go lower into the dungeon, the monsters get tougher and the treasures more valuable. The Sword of Fargoal lies hidden somewhere between the fifteenth and twentieth levels.

Movement through the dungeon is handled by a joystick or keyboard input, dependin g upon your computer type. Check your command card for the exact movement commands for your computer. If you want to pass over an occupied area, press P. This command is handy in by-passing monsters.

Panic Button is used when you are in an impossible situation. Check your Command Card to determine which key is the Panic Button for your computer type. When you press the Panic Button, an appropriate spell (Teleport or Drift) will be cast, as long as you have the spell left.

Quit when you have had enough, by pressing Q.


As you travel through the dungeon, you will encounter numerous objects. They are listed below:

Other symbols appearing in the game will be self-explanatory.

“There are a number of shapes for both types of monsters. However, human-type monsters will always have a weapon in one hand.

Gold is scattered throughout each level of the dungeon. It cannot be spent; its value is that it can be offered to the gods in return for additional experience points (see Temple, below).

You are only strong enough to carry 100 gold pieces. Magic Sacks, however, increase your carrying capacity by 100 gold pieces for each sack.

You may bury your gold whenever you desire by pressing B. The gold will be buried under your feet and a notation will show up on the map to mark the spot. You may go back and retrieve the gold whenever you want; but, if you leave the dungeon level, it will be completely different when you return, and your gold cannot be recovered.

Hidden Treasure/Trap squares contain either a treasure or a trap. You have a 50-50 chance of the square having one or the other. To determine what is there, you must actually move onto the square.

Human-type Monsters are intelligent and skilled in handling weapons. They won't hesitate to pick up treasures lying about the dungeon. Some- times they even try to steal yours, unless you have hidden them. Catch them before they escape into the shadows!

Human-type monsters include Rogues, Barbarians, Elvin Rangers, Dwarven Guards, Mercenaries, Swordsmen, Monks, Dark Warriors, Assassins, and War Lords. Be warned that Assassins can be invisible, and remember that these monsters always carry weapons.

Other Monsters rely mainly on their strength and toughness when they fight. These monsters will make the mistake of falling into a pit, if you bait them from the other side! They include: Dire Wolves, Ogres, Hobgoblins, Werebears, Gargoyles, Trolls, Wyvern, Dimension Spiders, Shadow Dragons, and Fire Drakes. Dimension Spiders can phase in and out between dimensions.

NOTE: It is advisable, in combat, to be the aggressor. If you attack, you always have the option to leave the battle when you are badly injured. If a monster attacks you, you are forced to fight to the death! (Or, if you have a Teleport spell, you can press the Panic Button to escape!) Temples are where you offer your gold to the gods. They, in turn, grant you additional experience points.

Temples also act as a sanctuary. When you are in a temple on most levels, you are invisible to all monsters and you heal at twice your normal rate. There is one temple on every level of the dungeon.

Stairs can be climbed when your character is located over a staircase going up or a staircase going down. To use the stairs, press C for climb stairs; otherwise, you will pass beside the stairs, remaining on the same level.

Remember that each level is randomly generated, so once you leave a level, it will not be the same when you return.


Once you have located the Sword of Fargoal, you have 2000 seconds (33 minutes) to escape back through the levels to the opening of the dungeon. A timer starts counting when you retrieve the Sword. If you somehow lose the Sword on your way out, you must return to the level in which you first found it, and begin your escape again. Meanwhile, the clock ticks on! !

Treasures and Traps

Treasures and traps are found in the Hidden Treasure/ Trap squares of the dungeon. When moving onto one of these squares, you have a 50-50 chance of its containing a treasure or a trap.


Spells and magical items make up the treasure list. When you find a spell, it does not go into effect until you actually cast it. You may cast spells whenever you wish.

Healing Potions, carried in vials, raise your current hit points. The Potions can be drunk at any time. When your hit points fall below O, a Healing Potion will be taken automatically. Be warned that these Potions will not raise your hit points above your maximum hits. You cast this spell by pressing H.

Magic Map for a designated level lets you “see” the entire dungeon level as soon as you enter it. For example, on level 4, you may find a Map for level 12. When you arrive at level 12, the dungeon will be completely “lighted.” Be aware that any trap on the same level for which you have a map has a chance of destroying your map. The effect will be known when you see the “lights” go out. Don't worry; you can simply start exploring that level again!

Magic Sacks will add an extra 100 gold pieces to your carrying capacity. (You can already carry the weight of 100 gold pieces.) The effect is accumulative, so if you have three Magic Sacks you can carry 400 gold pieces.

Invisibility makes you invisible to your enemies. Once cast, this spell will remain in effect until you attack a monster. However, you will be seen if you cast a Light spell. You cast Invisibility by pressing I.

Regeneration lets you heal at twice your current rate. The effect is accumulative. For example, if you cast two regenerative spells at the same time, you will heal at four times your current rate. Regenerative spells last for one level. You cast it by pressing R.

Teleport allows you to be automatically transferred to a random place on your current dungeon level. You cast this spell by pressing T. If you are attacked by a monster or if a Ceiling Trap falls on you, you can teleport safely away by pressing the Panic Button.

Shield protects you from damage inflicted by a monster or an explosion. A Shield spell must be cast before combat. After battle, the spell is no longer in effect. You cast it by pressing S.

Drift is used to slow your fall in a Pit Trap. You cast this spell by pressing the Panic Button.

Light increases the distance you can see around you. It lights not only the dungeon for one level, but also reveals any Assassins (see Human-type Monsters in previous section). You cast this spell by press L. You may turn the Light spell on or off by pressing O.

Spell Commands

Press Result
H Healing Potion is drunk
I Invisibility
R Regeneration
T Teleport
S Shield
L Light spell
O Turn Light ON or OFF

Remember that you must have the spell before you can cast it.


Most of the traps cause a random amount of damage to your character, if they catch you. For each trap, though, there is a way to escape from the damage, provided you have the appropriate spell.

Remember that if a trap is sprung on a level for which you have a Magic Map, the Map has a chance of being destroyed.

Ceiling Trap drops a huge block of stone on you. Press the Panic Button to teleport safely away.

Pit plummets you into the depths below. Your fall is safer when you can cast a Drift spell by pressing the Panic Button. You can climb out of the Pit by moving in any direction.

Once a Pit Trap has been sprung, you may use it to your advantage. Pits can be several levels deep and substituted for stairs. To go down a Pit, just move over it (and use a Drift spell, if you have one). Then you can climb out with a C command.

Explosion is like tripping over a grenade. It cannot hurt you, however, if you are protected by a Shield spell.

Teleport Trap acts just like the Teleport spell.

Playtesters' Strategies

- After clearing out a level, rest at the temple. When a level has been cleared, you have time to rest, eat, etc., without worry or attacks.

- Beware of slugs with legs; they are mean!

- Learn the monsters. Fear the ones you know are especially dangerous for your current battle skill. A Werebear, for example, is deadly at the first level but a snap at the third.

- Hit and run. Attack when you're strong enough, lose a little, and then run away. You heal; the monsters don't.

- Save the Hidden Treasure/Traps for last. Grab gold as soon as possible.

- Save at least one Invisible and four Shield spells for your trip back up.

- Once you've gotten the Sword, do not pass GO, do not collect $200. Just get out of there! Every dog and his brother is out to get you. Find staircases going up as quickly as you can!

Jim and Rik

Further Goals

If you have successfully completed the quest and would like to have a new goal, try for the fastest time, the most experience points, the highest characteristics, the most monsters slain or the deepest dungeon level!

Above all, have fun…. The object is not to win a certain number of points, but to adventure for as long as you like, or can (whichever the case might be)!!

The Author


Author's Tips Sword of Fargoal Commodore 64


… can be used when at stairs or pits to climb up or down (“C” can also be used to climb).

… will work as a PASS key whenever you are on a blank square.


are an added tool. When you find a mystical BEACON, pick a convenient spot and place it there by pressing ”+'. Within the BEACON's square you are invisible to the monsters. From there you can TELEPORT to the TEMPLE by pressing the FIRE BUTTON … without wasting a TELEPORT! ANY other time you TELEPORT using your spells, you will appear at the BEACON that you placed on that level!!


Watch out for wandering monsters! If you wait too long on a level, unfriendly visitors will begin climbing from levels above and BELOW!


- Use joystick to move in any of eight directions

- Red button on joystick is your PANIC BUTTON (for Teleport and Drift spells)


H Healing Potion is Drunk
I Invisibility
R Regeneration
T Teleport
S Shield
L Light Spell
O Turn Light ON or OFF
+ Place Beacon


Fire Button or C Climb up or down stairs
B Bury Gold
Fire Button or P Pass over next square
C Climb out of a pit trap
+ Place a beacon
Q Quit Game
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