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Raid Over Moscow Game Controls

Use Joystick Port 2
:cbmkey: Pause the game
:ctrl: Restart game
:space: Enter the space station to launch fighters
:f7: Open hanger doors (do so while hovering over the launch pad)

RAID OVER MOSCOW is a multi-screen action game which requires different skills and provides new sequences as you progress through the game. As squadron commander of the U.S. Defense Space Station, you will lead your commandos on a virtual suicide mission. You will attempt to stop the nuclear attack. If your force is successful in knocking out the Soviet launch sites, you must go into the city of Moscow itself. Armed with only the weapons you can carry, your commandos lead an assault on the Soviet Defense Center.



The opening sequence is a world overview from Strategic Air Command Headquarters (SAC). This computer overview alerts U.S. Commanders of any nuclear activity. When a Soviet launch has occurred, the launch point will turn white on the screen. The computer then immediately identifies the launch site, the target, and the time to impact. The Soviet Missiles will be identifiable on the screen as a small cluster of white dots heading toward the U.S. Above the Earth is a white figure which is the U.S. Space Station equipped with Stealth Fighter Aircraft. After a launch has been detected, you may enter the space station by pressing <SPACE>


Once inside the space station, fighter pilots will begin to scramble to their aircraft. Each Pilot must take his plane out of the station. Because the aircraft is in a semi-weightless condition, control is handled by three thrusters and the main engine.(NOTE:after the pilot gets to his plane it will move to the launch pad & take off by it self)

PUSHING LEFT OR RIGHT on the joystick will rotate the aircraft to the left or right, thus controlling the direction that you are facing.

PUSHING FORWARD on the stick will fire the main engine causing the aircraft to accelerate in the direction it is facing.

PULLING BACK on the stick has NO EFFECT since there are no brakes. Once moving in a certain direction, the only way to slow your speed is to rotate (by pushing left or right) until you are flying backwards, and then fire the main engine (push forward on the stick).

OPENING THE HANGER DOORS is accomplished by pressing <SPACE> [F7 for C=] once your aircraft is off the hanger deck. (The door will stay open only for a short period of time!) Once outside the space station, the screen will switch to the overview: Your craft will be identified by a flashing white dot. At this point, you must decide either to attack the launch point (identified by the white launch site) or to take more planes out of the station. If you decide to attack, guide your craft by the joystick or keyboard to the target.

Note: Taking More Planes Out

The advantages to taking more planes out is that if you lose one you will not have to come back to get another plane from the space station. One will appear at the start of the attack run. If you wish to bring additional aircraft out of the station, press <SPACE> (right after you leave the station).


Once the launch silos are destroyed (explained in the next two scenarios) all remaining aircraft will go back inside the station. Each time you attack a new city and destroy the launch site, you will have to go back inside the hanger. Because of this, take out only the number of aircraft you believe will be required to destroy one launch site. This will save time and allow you a better chance to destroy the site before the missiles hit U.S. targets.(NOTE:if the missiles reach there target before you destroy the main silo your planes will not return to the space station, they will “wait” for the next attack outside of the station)


Now that you are in Soviet airspace, you begin your attack run on the Soviet launch sites. In order to reach the launch sites, you must first make a run through enemy territory to reach the missile silos. To avoid Soviet radar, your craft will have to fly at a very low level, and this allows Soviet ground defense a chance to shoot you down. Various defense weapons will appear as you travel. Each of these are worth points. Beware of Soviet heat seeking missiles, which will come up from behind you. When you see them coming from behind, fly as low as you can to the ground. Once they have flown past you, shoot the missile down for additional points.

ATTACK RUN CONTROLS - The controls for this scene are similar to the controls for a real jet aircraft. Push left to bank left, right to bank right. Push forward to dive and pull back to climb. (Some people find it helpful when playing this scene, to face the right as if they were actually sitting in the aircraft.) On level 1, you are prevented from crashing into the ground, but not on level's 2 or 3,also you can crash into the objects on the screen.

After the run through enemy territory is completed, prepare to destroy the launch silos.


Once you reach the missile silos, check the control panel to see how much time before the missiles hit the U.S.

In this scene there is one main control silo surrounded by four launch silos. Control of your aircraft is the same as the attack run:

 Move joystick left to move left.
 Move joystick right to move right.
 Push forward to dive.
 Pull back to climb.

Each silo has a small window which you must fire a rocket through in order to destroy it. When you are properly lined up at the target, your aircraft will turn RED.

As you attempt to line up on a target, the silo defense system will fire at you. You can avoid the enemy rockets by moving left or right or by moving up or down. The elevation of the enemy rocket is set at the same elevation as your aircraft at the time of firing.

The Center Silo is the control silo. The nuclear missiles launched are controlled from this point.

When this silo is destroyed the missiles can no longer be controlled and cannot be detonated. This silo can be destroyed first if time is running out, but when it is hit, the attack will stop and you will switch back to the computer overview. The silos located on the side of the Control Silo are worth high points. In addition, when you destroy one of these silos, you will be awarded an extra aircraft (you may have 9 maximum). If you destroy all the silos in the scene, extra points will be added to your score.

As you attempt to destroy the silos, enemy aircraft will enter from the left and try to shoot you down.

NOTE: Pay close attention to the “Time to Impact” heading on the control panel. If time is running out, you may want to attack the main control silo first. However, because each silo is worth an extra plane and a considerable amount of points, destroying all of the silos will greatly enhance your score.


You will not be allowed to attack the Soviet Defense Center in Moscow until you have destroyed each of the three perimeter launch sites at Leningrad, Minsk, and Saratov. After the last perimeter site is destroyed, you will make a final attack run into the city of Moscow. Your mission is to blow up the Defense Center. If you are successful, you will set Soviet military strength back ten years!

The scene opens with a U.S. Commando in trench behind a stone wall in front of the Defense Center. To control movement form side to side move the joystick left and right. Moving the joystick forward and back controls the elevation of the rocket launcher on the shoulder. Once a target is lined up, use the button to fire.

TARGETS - Soldiers are located on the walls on both sides of the Defense Center. These soldiers will fire at you, so it is imperative not to stay in the same position for very long in the trench.

Secondary targets include all of the towers on the buildings. These can be destroyed to increase your score.

Other targets are the doors located directly ahead of you. One of these doors is an entrance into the reactor room (the next scene). While the other doors turn BLACK when hit, this door turns BLUE w/a white square in the center. The door is randomly selected and will be different each time.

Enemy tanks will come out of side doors and try to stop you. Again if you stay in one position too long your likely to get blasted.

ENTERING THE REACTOR Once all the soldiers are eliminated, the tank destroyed, and the door opened, you will progress to the next scene. Remember, however, that all the towers on the building can be destroyed for extra points.

Once a soldier is shot off the wall, he will be replaced after a certain amount of time. Keep this in mind when you are playing because you will not be able to progress to the next scene until the white door is exposed and there are no men or tanks in the scene.


Now you have penetrated inside the Soviet Defense Center and are inside the nuclear reactor chamber, which is the power source of the facility.

Description of the Screen A maintenance robot will travel from side to side to keep the reactor temperature stable. If the cooling process is interrupted, the reactor will overheat and become unstable. The system will gradually reach critical mass and explode.

Your objective is to sabotage this operation by neutralizing the maintenance robot.

The robot has defense capabilities and will be able to sense your presence inside the facility. He will begin automatically firing at you. In addition, he is invulnerable to a frontal attack. The robot does have an Achilles heel. If the robot is hit from behind, the control circuits can be damaged and it can eventually be destroyed.

Because the robot maintenance area cannot be penetrated; your weapon is a small disc grenade. To hit the robot from behind, your disc must be bounced off the rear wall of the facility.

To help you get the proper angle you also have a laser beam guidance system. This appears as a small black dot on the back wall. To adjust the guidance system, push forward on the joystick to move right and pull back to move the target left.

To move your commando push the joystick left or right. When your commando and target are properly lined up, put the button on the joystick to release the disc.

You have only a certain number of discs and men. You can retrieve your discs by catching them before they pass you. Each time a disc hits the robot, that disc is lost. You are awarded an extra disc when a robot is destroyed. To catch a disc, you must move your man directly in front of the disc as it comes towards you. Each robot will require four hits from behind it to destroy it. More than one robot will need to be destroyed to accomplish your mission. The number of robots which must be destroyed is as follows:

 Level 1(Beginner)     2 Robots
 Level 2(Advanced)     4 Robots
 Level 3(Suicidal)     5 Robots

In addition, each time you hit the robot, it moves faster and becomes more aggressive. The number of men you have in this scene will be determined by how successful you have been throughout the game. Once you are out of men, the game is over. If you run out of discs, and you still have men left, you will have to go back outside to the previous scene (Defense Center) and battle back inside in order to have more discs.

In some cases, you may want to sacrifice a man in order to save a disc. If the disc is still on the screen when a man is lost, the disc will be saved.

After the next to last robot is destroyed, the final robot offers up a big problem. This last robot is so aggravated by your presence that he neglects the reactor, which is already unstable. This will cause the reactor to go critical. On the right edge of the screen is a time that will show the amount of time to ETCM (Estimated Time To Critical Mass). At critical mass the reactor will explode taking the Defense Center with it. Whether you escape alive or not will be determined at this point. If you destroy the robot with enough time left to make it to your plane you will survive. If not, we will notify your family.


This scene will let you know if your mission is entirely successful. If you escape, you will be awarded considerable bonus points.


Pause Feature To stop all action and “Freeze” the game, simply press <ESC>. To continue press the same key again.

Abort Feature To cancel the game and start press the number of the level you wish to play(I.E. 1,2,or 3)

Automatic Demo If left unattended for approximately one minute the game will go into demo mode. Under demo the computer will briefly display all of the major action screens. you may initiate the demo from the title screen by pressing “D”.

NOTE: The DIGI-CHECK for raid over moscow is $D7b8

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