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Here are a few tips on getting VICE for Linux configured in such a way that you can connect to CommodoreServer's V-1541 virtual disk drive service. For this, I am using the VICE for Linux and the x64sc binary file, version 3.4 SDL2.

1) From the Configuration Menu (F12), select Machine Settings:

2) Then, under the Hardware Expansion section, select RS232 Settings:

3) Under the RS232 Setting section, activate the Userport RS232 Emulation option, and change the host device option to 3. Then, under the Host Settings section, put the IP address on the Device 3 line and ensure the Baud Rate is set to 2400.

Now, load up the V-1541 configuration program and log-in as described in the CommodoreServer documentation, and all should be good.

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