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Comet Friendly When you see this logo, you will know that the particular game or program has been tested to run successfully from the CommodoreServer on-line V-1541 virtual disk drive and the Comet64 Internet modem.

What this means is, using your CommodoreServer account, you will be able to LOAD and RUN the game or program simply by executing LOAD“GAME NAME”,2 from your V-1541 virtual drive with either a Comet64 modem, Retroswitch Flyer, or the VICE emulator (connected to the Internet). If there are any special loading instructions that need to be taken into consideration, I will include them at the end of the review.

To learn more about the Comet64 and the V-1541 disk services, visit my dedicated section to this excellent resource, HERE!

And, over at, you can learn about how to use VICE with the V-1541 by checking THIS OUT.

Additional Comet64 Friendly Games

For a list of many other games capable of being LOADed and RUN from your V-1541 virtual disk drive, be sure to check out my collection of NTSC specific games, HERE. Within the zip file I provide, there are dozens (68 82 and counting) of games that you can upload to your CommodoreServer account to have at your disposal and enjoy.

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