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Sept. 8th, 2023

I'm hooked on Lulu! They did such a great job on my reprint of my first programming book, “Using The Commodore 64 In The Home”, that I decided to go ahead and produce another book for my Commodore collection. This one was not a book that was published once in the past. This book, which I entitled “The Four BASICs”, is a compilation of four BASIC enhancement programs that were published in the Loadstar disk magazine. I compiled the user guides that you could print out from Loadstar and arranged them into a more book-like format. The results turned out to be pretty good and much more convenient to read than a stack of printer paper.

The “four BASICs” I put in the book are the ones I've covered here, in my blog, NuBASIC, B+, BASIC 4, and Star BASIC. You can download a disk image that contains the four enhancement programs, as well as a PDF of their user guides (not the one I used for the book) from the link.

Lulu does such a nice job with their print on demand books and are quite reasonably priced. I wonder which one I'll do next. Maybe something for my C128.


I've posted this book, as well as “Using The Commodore 64 In The Home” and “Unix 128” on Lulu for public purchase. For my Commodore related books, I have set the price to the minimum requirement to cover Lulu's printing costs. So if you'd like a copy of any of the book for yourself, just click on the link to my Spotlight Page: HERE.
The Four BASICs Front Cover The Four BASICs Back Cover
The Four BASICs Inside 1 The Four BASICs Inside 2

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