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Oct 31st, 2022

Happy Dot Matrix HalloweenJust a little over week ago, I happily stumbled across an on-line shop that actually had (or at least said they had) replacement ribbon cartridges for my Star Gemini II printer. More importantly, they were also selling them at a very reasonable price; and as an extra bonus, they were also in Canada!

At first, I was skeptical, thinking that either these ribbons were not what the website said they were, or that the shipping costs were going to make them far too expensive for me. But, after shipping, taxes and all that jazz, the cost came down to about $22 (CAD) per ribbon. So, I bought two.

The parcel arrived today and, low-and-behold, the ribbon fitted into the printer perfectly and the printout looks great! I'm so pleased that I now have brand new ribbons for my cherished dot matrix printer. I'll still keep my repair-hacked ribbon as an emergency backup.

The on-line shop I bought my ribbon at is, based in Montreal. From what I can tell, they specialize in printer ribbons and cartridges of all types. And, if I'm understanding their “about us” information correctly, they can re-ink just about any ribbon/cartridge you may have. So, if you have an old printer ribbon for your Commodore printer, but can't find a new replacement for it, you could probably send it to them and have it re-inked.

Anyway, I just wanted to mention my positive experience with Accuprint and let you know that they may be a good resource for you if you're looking for replacement ribbons for your aged Commodore (or other 8-bit) printer.

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