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Oct. 24, 2022

I'm very pleased to present (to the one person out there, other than myself, who uses it) version 2.0 of my BASIC program, Quick Notes!

The major improvement I've made is the ability to save your notes to the datasette, as well as to disk. Although, I did not include the ability to edit notes already saved to tape. I just thought that, if the size of the note increased, trying to save it again may overwrite any notes following it on the tape.

To save to the datasette, go into the Adjustments section and change the drive number to 1.

When you save your notes, to disk or tape, you're asked for a file name. But, when loading a previously saved note to tape, you don't necessarily need to enter the filename. Just position the tape to the right location (using the tape counter) and press PLAY when Quick Notes instructs you to do so.

Because of this “feature”, when saving to tape, rather than a filename describing what the note is about, I just use the numbers on the tape counter as the filename. Then, I make a note on the tape's index card, writing down the numbers on the tape counter and what the note is about, or an entry date. When I want that note again, I just FF or REW to that point and LOAD from there.

Saving to the datasette works well if you're using Quick Notes as a daily diary or journal. To read all of your entries in chronological order, you just rewind the tape to the beginning, press PLAY, then go to the Read/Modify option in Quick Notes. Because the C64 controls the datasette, Quick Notes will read the first note when it's ready, then stop. Once you're ready to move on to the next note, just tell Quick Notes to “Read” again and the next note will be loaded into memory automatically.

I've included both the C64 and C128 version of Quick Notes 2.0 on the disk image. Also, you may notice that the C128 version is a little larger in size. This is because I ran the C64 version through Quikrunch to compress it a bit. Hope you find it useful in some way.

QuickNotes V2.0 - QuickNotes V2.0 uncrunched

Quick Notes Main Menu Adjust Settings Screen
Saving Note to Tape

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