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Oct 20th, 2022

I don't know why I didn't do this sooner, but now that I've gotten the use of my Gemini II printer back, I want to use it. So, I've been going through the Commodore related documents I've created and posted on the site and am making versions of them that can be printed on a C64 or C128.

I've chosen to use the PowerWord word processor, which is part of the 64PowerPack office suite. PowerWord uses a pretty simple SEQ style document format, so I'm sure you could convert the documents quite easily to another Commodore format. But, you can also download the 64PowerPack from my Media page, then download the floppy disk image that I'm putting all the documents onto for easy access.

UPDATE: I have now also put these files into Archetype 128 format, so you can print them out using this word processor on your C128. I will most likely be focusing on this format going forward, as Archetype 128 (and the C128 in general) is a much nicer word processor.

As time goes on, I'll work on adding more of the PDFs I have available for download onto the disk. The PowerWord docs will only contain text, so you should have no problem printing them out on any dot matrix printer you may have connected to your Commodore.

You can find a copy of the documents disk on my Media page, Here.

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