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Sep 7th, 2022

Out here on the prairie, in the middle of nowhere, finding any sort of vintage Commodore hardware or software these days is one of the furthest things on my mind. Well, look at what just fell into my lap today!

C64 w/BoxC64C and 1541C
MPS801 PrinterSoftware Collection
SD-1 Super Disk (just the box)

A good friend of mine who used to own/run the general store in a village near-by sold the business and retired earlier this year. When we were talking recently, we got onto the subject of my Commodore hobby. Unexpectedly, he interjected that, while he was cleaning out the stuff he had stored away in the far recesses of the store, he found his old Commodore computer. He was wondering how to dispose of it, but now that he knew I was a Commodore user/collector, he offered it all to me “to take it off his hands.”

What a nice surprise… it was something I never would have expected! Every once in a while, I go check out the Salvation Army thrift store in the neighboring town and I've never found anything from the 8-bit computer era. But right when I least expect it, here was a nice little C64 setup just waiting to be put to work, once again. My friend didn't say too much about what he used the C64 for, but after looking at the software he gave to me, I'm assuming he used it to help run his store at one time. I've got a whole bunch of questions now for him, the next time we get together. The only other person I knew who used a C64 to run a business was my dad (which I helped him do).

The Super Disk box is empty, but my friend said that he has the actual drive stored away at home. He said that he'd bring it in, along with the Epson printer he used at the time, which I can pick up next time I'm in town. I'm going to assume that the Super Graphix Jr. was the device that allowed the Epson printer to work with the C64.

The MPS-801 was very clean inside… not a speck of dust that I could see, so I'm assuming it's going to work just fine when I test it later this week. It even had two unused printer ribbon cartridges with it, so I don't even have to worry about re-inking or finding a replacement cartridge for it!

As for the bread-bin with “N.F.G.” written on it, I'll take a look and see if there's anything “fixable” about it. If not, then at least I've got a small stock of spare parts. I'll also have to see how difficult it will be to get the “N.F.G.” off of the cases.

The little “gems” for me in this collection was the Super Disk (of course), the 1541C, and Calc Result. From first glace, it looks like a really good quality spreadsheet program. I'll have to ask my friend if he remembers what he paid for it. I'm assuming it was a pretty pricey piece of software. And lastly, those issues of RUN magazine are just fantastic! I really wish I kept my old computer mags, so having these in my possession, being able to read through their pages again is so enjoyable.

I'll post a photo of the Super Disk when I get it.

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