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Aug 4th, 2022

I hope everyone reading this is healthy and safe.

This month the Game Instructions page has drawn some attention, coming in second behind the still-leading Media page. The Bouncing Kamungas and Knight's Quest have swapped places this month. And it was nice to see Frantic Freddie II getting some well deserved attention for the month of July. Not much was happening on the gaming video section this month. Space Pilot and Turrican were tied for first place for the most visits.

Surprisingly, at least to me, the most popular referral link to the site this month was from our newly launched! And lastly, the domain has been used by visitors 14 times in July.

media 67
game instructions 65
thec64 63
ntsc games 57
geos 52
Knight's Quest 41
The Bouncing Kamungas 40
Glory Quest 20
Runn & Gunn 20
Frantic Freddie II 17
Space Pilot 9
Turrican 9
Dragon Hawk 8
Night Knight 8
Pinball Wizard 8

This is a top three list of web sites where people have visited from, apart from those people contacting the URL directly. It was a very nice surprise to see that our newly launched Commodore user/enthusiast forum brought in the most visitors for July! Which is pretty impressive, as we've only had it online for a couple of weeks. Fantastic!

C64Forum 25%
Reddit 16%
Commodore.Software 7%
Other 52%

July 2022 Site Visits

177 visitors

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