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July 1st, 2022

Happy Canada Day!

I hope everyone reading this is healthy and safe.

This past month there has been increased activity on the Media page. I can't tell which disk images are most frequently being downloaded, but it's nice to see content getting shared with the rest of the community. The Bouncing Kamungas has held it's spot again this month as the most popular game review. And it's nice to see two C128 titles, Knight's Quest and Burger Whop! in the top five, as well. The new release, Chiller 2, was the most popular game video for June, with the typed-in games, Platforms and Scrambler, slipping in right at the end of the month. EverythingC64 forum still brought in the most visitors, via referring link. And lastly, the newly registered domain has been used by visitors 10 times in June.

media 55
links 49
game instructions 47
blog 45
thec64 44
The Bouncing Kamungas 33
Knight's Quest 33
Steel Ranger 17
Bastion 16
Burger Whop! 16
Chiller 2 10
Tutankham 9
Lazertech 8
Platforms 8
Scrambler 7

This is a top three list of web sites where people have visited from, apart from those people contacting the URL directly. With the EverythingC64 forums now shutdown, I'm going to safely assume that traffic for July will be greatly reduced.

EverythingC64 29%
Reddit 22% 6%
Other 43%

June 2022 Site Visits

192 visitors

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