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May 22nd, 2022

I thought I'd share a few stats about the site, if anyone is interested in that sort of thing. I don't have a way of tracking the number of visits to a page by a date range, only total number of visits. So for this first report, I'll just share with you the top 5 most visited pages up to this point, for each category I've listed.

Next month, I'll calculate the difference between April and May visits and list those with the higher increase in visits as the most popular.

Media 1,010
theC64 812
NTSC-Games 749
Links 687
Everything GEOS 543
Bouncing Kamungas 508
Frantic Freddie 2 237
Runn n' Gunn 233
Outrage 217
Bastion 162
Cross Horde 16
Robot Jet Action 16
Lost Realms of Murkasada 15
Project Firestart 14
Moon Cresta 14

This is a top three list of web sites where people have visited from, apart from those people contacting the URL directly. Big thanks to the gang at!

EverythingC64 46%
Reddit 16%
TheC64Community 6%
Other 32%

170 visitors

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