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May 19th, 2022

I decided to go ahead and also register the domain and link it here. I thought, well, this site also contains material for the great and powerful C128 and maybe someone might find me (or find their way back here) via the 128 reference. Besides, my web host(er) provides a small number of domain names as part of my contract with them. So, what the heck.

I always felt that there should be more C128 content out on the Net, as it really is the best 8-bit machine that was ever produced. And, I kind of felt bad that I chose the “My64” name over the “My128” when I first put this site together. My initial feeling was, more people are familiar with the C64, so I went with it in the hopes that it would bring more traffic to the site. Once here, hopefully visitors would explore a bit and discover the bonus content focusing on the C128.

But, did it work? I have no idea. Were you pleasantly surprised to find Commodore 128 content here, or did you even notice or care?

Ah well…. it is what it is. Going forward now, you can get here via the URL or the new address.

I Still Adore Both My 64 and 128!

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