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Feb. 7th, 2022

With all that has been happening in our capital city, Ottawa, and now all over the world it seems, I dedicate this little game to those brave people standing up to the bullies we call our “leaders”.

In this game, which I call “Lil' Potato”, your task is to help the dictator, Little Potato, escape from scary blue collar workers that have besieged his castle on the hill. Or, allow justice to be served if you're so inclined.

From the game:

Lil Potato Instructions

Lil Potato Game Screen

The game is just a simple little BASIC program, originally published in the book “Using the Commodore 64 In The Home”, back in 1983 under the name “Bug Run”. It was one of the first games I ever tried programming into my C64, back in the day. I just did a few modifications to it to suite the theme.

Why “Little Potato” you may be asking? Here's a link to check out. I hope the game brings a smile to your face. :-D

The disk image is here: Lil Potato.d64 and the CJM file to play it on the C64Mini: Lil Potato.cjm You can use left and right on the C64Mini's joystick to move Lil' Potato… or not move him, what ever the case may be. ;-)

Lil' Potato Game Play Demo

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