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Oct. 7th, 2021

I've been spending some time with my ZoomFloppy turning my collection of floppy disks, which I've had since the 80s, into D64s for archiving. As I've been going through my backups in VICE (to make sure they're working okay) there's a feature that I wish VICE would implement into their emulator. You know how you can attach cover art to your MP3s, so when your playing the song in your media player, it displays the embedded CD cover art? I'd really like to have that ability with my D64s within VICE. I think it would be nice to have a snapshot of the disk and disk jacket to go along with the disk image (or cartridge or cassette tape), simply to add that little bit of extra information for the archiving purposes.

The closest that I've seen this feature being implemented is over at When you upload your disk images to your account, you have the option of attaching a thumbnail image to the D64. Like this:

CommodoreServer Disk Covers

I'd like to be able to add images of the actual disks from my collection to the D64s that I'm creating from them. I wonder how difficult this would be to implement in our favorite emulator software. VICE already has a perfect spot for the thumbnail image, as I indicate here in my mock-up:

 VICE Disk Cover Mock-up

Any VICE developers out there up to adding this little feature to the next upgrade?

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