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Sep. 18th, 2021

I'm really glad I decided to reacquaint myself with the on-line services of (CS) and make more use of my V-1541 virtual disk drive account. It's been fun to see some of the advancements that the dev. team (aka Goog) has made to the server recently.

One of the reasons that my attention to CS had dropped off was the fact that we moved “off the grid” and my access to the Internet was much more limited to what it used to be. Also, I really couldn't make use of my Comet64 Internet modem because I no longer connected to the Internet via a router. It's all over my phone's hot-spot now, and I couldn't work out a way to get the Comet64 connected to it (as it uses an ethernet cable to make it's connection).

But, since I recently had to pack up my authentic C64 and C128, due to space limitations, I'm using VICE and my C64Mini exclusively now. Using VICE to connect to my V-1541 account is pretty easy as, I have found out, doesn't take up much of our limited bandwidth as I first thought.

What really got my interest in CS re-energized was my decision to make digital archives of my floppy disks with my new Zoom Floppy. Now that I'm getting all of my old disks into D64 images, having them at my easy disposal on my V-1541 is even more convenient than having to attach (mount) them to the disk drive emulator in VICE. And searching through them via the CS server is a real bonus.

But, as I started to use CS more, I started to take advantage of other features of the service. Goog has really been working hard at adding new features to the CSIP. I've also connected to the CS chat boards a few evenings and had some nice chats with other CS users, using the CometChat program. It's great to talk with some intelligent and like-minded people for a change, as the rest of this world is falling off it's hinges.

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