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Sep. 4th, 2021

ZoomFloppyLast month, I finally got around to buying myself a ZoomFloppy, from Retro Innovations. I just thought that it was about time to try and backup/preserve my collection of floppy disks before they deteriorate beyond use. It's not that I've had any problems with them after all of these years, but as the years go on, I'm sure the chance of them failing continue to increase.

I was using my C128 and C64, along with my Retroswitch Flyer, but the process was a little slower and cumbersome. The Zoomfloppy is much easier and faster to use, so my backup sessions are much more productive with it. It also seems to be working quite well at copying disks from my 1541 disk drive, over to D64 images. As I'm copying them, I've been adding them to my disk archive. Feel free to visit the archive and download copies of my old floppy disks for yourself.

In this latest batch, here are a couple of out-of-the-ordinary titles:

Disk GamesOn disk image BKP-018-A, you'll find the “NTSC DEMO MAKER”, which is a tool that you can use to make your scrolling text demo screens. I've never used it, myself, but it's one of those programs that I haven't seen referred to on the Web very often (or at all).

On disk BKP-019-A, you'll find “PUC-MAN” a fun little PacMan clone. And on BKP-024-A, you'll find the game “NEXUS”, which I could never understand how to play or what my objectives were. It's another one of those games that I don't see mentioned on the Web very often.

Anyway, I have a lot more disks to go through… a lot of games, but I also have quite a few GEOS related disks, like clip-art disks, as well as clip art for the program “PrintMaster”. I'll be getting to those later on and will add them to the archive, too.

Update Sep 5th

I just uploaded several more disk images from my collection. Note that on BKP-024-A you'll find Frank Bruno's Boxing. If you try loading this game, you'll come to a point when you will be asked to insert side 2. You'll find that on disk BKP-042-A.

And for something a little out of the ordinary, on disk BKP-033-B you'll find the CSE (Commodore Software Exchange) BBS software. It's a simple program that turns your C64 into a file server that allows you to share files from your disk drive with people who call in via a modem. Yeah, it's pretty useless now, but I thought it was cool software, back in the day.

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