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Jul. 21st, 2021

With my latest update to my archive of NTSC-specific games, I happened across a few unexpected gems, which I thought I'd mention here and bring to your attention. These games are not titles that I've seen mentioned in other C64 or classic gaming circles, so I'm not sure how well these games are known. So if you haven't heard of them, you might enjoy giving these a try, too!

You can find the latest update to my NTSC games collection on my Media page, HERE.

“Get Off My Garden” kind of caught me by surprise. When I first ran across this game I thought, kind of lame. But, after playing it for a bit, it “grew” on me (pardon the pun). You use your robot gardener to water your flowers, while avoiding the attacks of the very odd-ball baddies on each level. You can either avoid them or shoot them; and some die when water is poured on them. It's certainly one of those “different” sort of games.

“Lady Tut” reminds me a lot of the game Tutankam, but makes use of sliding walls to help you achieve your goals. They are to collect treasure and to obtain keys to unlock the doors to the next level of the pyramid. You're also on a mission to save Lady Tut from deep within the pyramid. If you can find the gun, you will then have a weapon that you can use against the baddies.

“Hi Ska Do” is a puzzle game that's reminds me of a combination of Mahjong and Bejeweled; in which you have to match similar jewels and stones in a limited amount of time. But, you must have a clear path between each of the jewels you're trying to match up. Being Canadian and all, I thought the reference to “Ska-do” meant that it might have been a winter sports sort of game, but I was wrong. ;-)

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