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Jun. 15th, 2021

Been a little while since my last blog post. I guess I've been working on other projects (like my eBookMan Lives project), as well as taking care of the kind jobs that need to get done around here when the snow isn't here. I've hoped to have made more progress on the new version of the web site than I did, but turns out I've actually put quite a bit of content on here. It's taking more effort than first anticipated. However, I'll just keep plugging away and get there, eventually.

I've also been putting some time into updating my media collection database in MasterFile, on my C128. It hasn't been updated for some time and I've added a good deal of LDs, DVD, and some VHS to the collection. So, it's taken a bit of work to go through the database to see what's missing.

MasterFile Video Database Screen

MasterFile has actually been working out really well at recording this sort of information. I'm up to 630 records with enough room for slightly over 200 more. By keeping the amount of data stored in each record to just the minimum of what I need, I'll have more than enough space for the current collection with some room to grow.

What I'm recording is the movie Title, Genre and what media formats I have it on (DVD, LD, VHS, or MP4). This is exactly what I want to know, so when I go looking for a movie, I know what formats I have to choose from. Also, with the MP4 flag, I know what movies I have and have not backed up.

MasterFile also makes it easy to print out some very useful reports, so I can keep lists off-line and on hand when I'm not using the computer.

MasterFile Movie Lists

Apart from the movie collection, this weekend I started working on a new game review (or maybe two) for the blog. I'm spending some time playing the games that I want to review, so I can be as fair and objective as I can when writing the review. I should have something posted closer to the end of the week. We'll see how things go around here. We've been having some warm and nasty weather lately, which always takes up my time, trying to keep our chickens and geese safe and comfortable.

Here's a link to my Movie Collecting Blog where a write a bit more about using MasterFile II to catalog my movie collection.

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