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I stumbled across a really fun dungeon crawler game, called Trogue64: Drain of Doom, which updates the format of the classic terminal game, Rogue, published by Epyx in 1985. Your goal is to traverse the 65 levels of an underground mine, where a hoard of evil monsters dwell and are about to bust loose. You must restore power to the water pumps in the mine, in order to flood it and keep the nasties from escaping, as well as make it to the surface and escape, yourself.

There's also some background music that reminds me very much of the background music in the Psytronik game, “Argus”. Although, I do realize that the two tunes are different, they're just similar.

It's a simple game, but very challenging. You use your keyboard to control your movements, which works perfectly fine on the C64. But, what I've done is create a CJM file, mapping the necessary controls to TheC64 Joystick, so it can easily be played on TheC64Mini.

If you'd like to give Trogue64 a try for yourself, head over to my TheC64 page and download the zip file, which contains both the game and the CJM mapping file. Unzip it onto your C64Mini's USB device and you're all set.


Comet64 Friendly Trogue64 is Comet64 friendly, but I suggest you don't LIST the disk directory. Just LOAD“*”,2 and RUN.

Good luck and have fun, Adventurer!!

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