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I added a fun platformer game to my list of TheC64Mini software packages, called Turbo the Tortoise, published by Codemasters in 1992. I never heard of this game before. But someone on a Commodore forum somewhere (I can't remember where now) mentioned it and I thought I'd give it a try.

I liked it and decided to create a CJM file for it, to be used on TheC64Mini. In the game, you press UP (on the joystick) to jump. Along with this, I mapped the TL button, on TheC64 Joystick, to use as a jump button. I've also mapped the A, B, and C buttons to Y, N, and LEFT ARROW to make it easier to make yours selections on the game's trainer screen. The LEFT ARROW is used to skip to the next zone, in the game.

I think this is an entertaining platform game, with some great sprite animations and interesting challenges. In each of the levels, there are invisible platforms to help you reach some (what appear to be) inaccessible spots. So, there's a lot to explore. You also have some amusing bosses you have to beat at the end of each level.

You can find the zip file, which contains both the disk image and CJM file, in my TheC64 section. Enjoy!

Turbo Tortoise Zone 2

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