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Just out of curiosity, I wanted to see if USB joystick, which came with my TheC64Mini, would work on my Linux laptop running the VICE emulator. So, I started up VICE and plugged in the joystick into the laptop. I wasn't sure how to configure VICE to use the joystick, rather than the keymap, but I did find an option under the Joystick settings to use AnalogJoystick0. So, I gave it a try.

It actually worked and it worked pretty well. I can't be completely sure, at this point, but from the few games that I have played so far, I think the joystick actually performed better than on TheC64Mini. It just seemed to me like the response time was better, using it with VICE on my laptop.

I tried to do the same on my netbook, running Linux as well, but VICE didn't seem to recognize that the joystick was plugged in. So, there must be something about the version of Linux and how it identifies USB devices. But, I'll keep experimenting and see how things progress.

Composed with Archetype on my C128.

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