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Well, it's been just a little over two months that I have had the C64Mini. So, what do I think of this little console after having some time to play with it? I have to confess that I've warmed up to this device quite a bit and have been playing it more frequently than what I first guessed I would be.

I've been quite pleased with how well it plays my favorite C64 games. I'm still struggling a bit with the controller on several games, but I'm getting used to it. There are actually some games that seem to respond better to the C64Mini's joystick. Of course, I still like my Wico Boss the best, but the C64Mini's isn't as bad as I first thought it was. I also haven't broken it yet, as I've seen many other C64Mini owners do. But, whether it breaks or not, only time will tell.

Some of the better performing games (in regards to playing with the C64Mini's joystick) include Jar's Revenge, Organism, Beamrider, Ghostbusters, and Power Drift. This is not to say that these are the only well performing games. I'm just saying that I have found these games less strenuous to play with the joystick so far.

I'm also impressed with the support that is coming from Retro Games. They really seem to be listening to the C64Mini's user-base and are trying to make the console as accommodating to the gamers wants as possible. It really has become much easier for the users to configure our own games to play on the C64Mini. And this latest update from the developers brought even more functionality to do this sort of thing.

Heck, we even got a new game added to the 64 games that originally came with the console at no additional charge! That being Galencia, released by Protovision last year.

Take that, Nintendo!

Yup, I've grown quite fond of my C64Mini these last two months. If Retro Games can keep up this level of service, I can see myself purchasing their originally intended 'TheC64' when it becomes available as long as it isn't too expensive.

In any case, I wish them well and hope to see more game developers working with them to make it even easier to play newly release C64 games on the console.

Composed on my C128 with Free Base.

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