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I happened to stumble across information about another new game for the C64, set to be released early next year. What excited me most about this new game is that it is being produced by a retro games developer, here in Canada! To me, this is fantastic news and is something that compels me to throw my support behind.

The company is called Double Sided Games, and their debut title, for the C64, is L'Abbaye des morts, a multi-screen platformer adventure game. The demos that I've seen so far have looked and sounded great. The game will be available in both cartridge and floppy disk formats, as well as a digital download to go along with either packages. Release is planned for sometime in January, 2019.

From what I can tell, this game was originally released for MS-Windows by Locomalito, back in 2010. But, this version for the C64 seems to be greatly enhanced and improved upon over the original. Of course, this is only my opinion from what I've seen in the screen shots and demos, as I've never played either the original nor the C64 version.

I wish the team at Double Sided Games well, as it really means a lot to me to see a C64 games developer, here in Canada. I hope to see many more titles produced by them in the near future. And, if you who are reading this would like to see more Commodore related games produced here in Canada or North America, then please consider throwing your support behind them and pre-order your copy of L'Abbay des morts.

Composed on my C128 using Free Base.

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