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My intention is not to turn this website/blog into a C64 Mini focused one. But, I just had a desire to share a few of my thoughts on some of the negative emotions the Mini is generating amongst some of the Commodore retro community.

I do agree that, in no way is the C64 Mini perfect, nor is it a replacement for a real Commodore 64. But, here's what I posted on the Lemon64 community forum relating to products, like the Mini:

Lemon64 Forum Topic

It doesn't really matter to me, whether the C64Mini or any other Commodore related projects succeed far into the future or changes the landscape of home gaming. I've been using and enjoying my C64 and C128 ever since I first got them in the 80s. I will continue to do so as long as they continue to work. Nothing will really replace them for me. No matter how well the Mini emulates a real C64, I will never prefer it over the experience of sitting there, listening to the whirl of my floppy disk drive, patiently waiting for it to load a game.

However, I still think projects, like the C64 Mini (or Ultimate 64, or C64 Reloaded, etc) are exciting to see. As a young teen, there was a certain level of excitement to open up a present under the Christmas tree that had the Commodore logo on it. And, with the Mini, to see something Commodore related as a packaged product on the shelves again - and potentially appearing under Christmas trees - this year brings back some of that excitement.

I don't think Retro Games will get rich from this endeavor, but maybe they don't have to, to be successful. The C64Mini isn't for everyone, nor is sitting there waiting for a floppy disk to load on a real C64.

The Commodore community has been alive and well for all of these years, quietly developing new games and hardware for us die-hard Commodore owners. In no way do I want to take away any recognition of their hard work and dedication. For the most part, their efforts have (wrongfully) gone without much notice or appreciation from the mainstream gaming/computing community.

But, with the C64 Mini, for the first time in a long time, Commodore gaming has made a small blip on the major retailer's radar. In all fairness, this is something that other Commodore specific products have not been able to do. So, I think, although the Mini is not perfect, the folks over at Retro Games should be congratulated on their efforts. And, because of this new attention, we may be able to drive some interest towards those who have been keeping us (the real Commodore enthusiasts) entertained all of these years and give them a bit of a revenue boost. But, we need to do it quick, as the gaming industry is fickle and will lose interest soon.

Now, where's the C128 Mini, people?!

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