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This is a re-post of a blog entry I wrote a while ago, on my old Commodore blog. I thought I'd add it here, to my new site, for posterity.

It's amazing how the human mind works. Just a simple sound or image can bring back such vivid memories.

I was recently watching this video, on You Tube, of Jim Butterfield and his “un-boxing” of a Commodore 64.( And at 2:12, Jim picks up the C64 to point out the connector ports and suddenly my mind pulls up a flood of memories from my youth.

It must have been something in the sounds I heard - you know, the “creaking” sound that the case and keys of C64 make when you pick it up sometimes? All of a sudden I could smell that unmistakable smell of the computer's plastic case and circuitry. It's a smell that sends me back to my teenage years, sitting in my bedroom, hacking away on my Commodore 64. And at that moment, watching the video, for a split second, I was there again!

Man, those are some great memories and it amazes me at how vivid the mind can make them with just the right stimulation. I don't think I'll ever forget those days, or that smell of a fresh, out of the box C64 and that faint smell of ozone as the circuitry warmed up after a while of being powered up.

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