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In case it hadn't been noticed, I've added a couple of new things to the old website. On the main landing page, I thought it might be interesting to visitors to see what game I'm currently focusing my attention upon. So, I've added a “Now Playing” billboard to indicate this.

It's not very often that I will focus my game playing to one title. But, there are times when I will pay more attention to a particular game, over others, to either complete them (if they have an ending) or just improve my skill at playing it. When such an occasion arises, I'll mention it in this new section.

I've also started tabulating my gaming “accomplishments”, on my new hi-scores page. The idea here is to share with you the games that I have either played through to their end (if they have one) or took the time to actually record and track my high scores for that particular game. With the creation of this list, maybe it will help stimulate and motivate me to go back and try to complete some of the old games that I never bothered to do so, in the past.

That's it for now. Happy 8-bit gaming!

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