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I really like my C128. But, for the longest time, all I ever really used it for was to run my extensive library of C64 games and software. Recently, I have found a lot of C128 specific software, which is making me adore my C128 even more.

As I've been going through the complete collection of Loadstar disks, which I have on CD, and I have discovered that they published quite a bit of software specifically for the C128. So much so, that after issue number 64, they went on to publish thirty eight special C128-only Loadstar disk magazines. A lot of the software they published had to with programming the C128. But a good portion of it was also dedicated to productivity software. Some really interesting and useful software included word processors, databases, personal finance software, time tracking and daily diary sort of stuff, and disk/program management tools.

If you have a C128, but have never really used it to run C128 software, I highly recommend you check out this software resource. The entire Loadstar library can be purchased from Ramble House, here.

Below is a video, I recently posted on YouTube, looking at a few applications and games I recently found within the Loadstar 128 archives.

Happy computing!

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