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Here it is over thirty five years after it's release and there are still new commercial games being made for the Commodore 64 home computer! I just find it so amazing to see a community of C64 users still enjoying this amazing little 8-bit computer.

Although it is great to see these publishing houses still releasing games, the ones I know about are all over in Europe or the UK. Too bad there aren't more in North America. If you know of any software houses in North America who are still publishing quality games and software for the beloved C64 and C128, please let me know in the Discussion board.

The two publishing houses I've been visiting frequently are Psytronik and Protovision; the “bigger” of the two being Psytronik. I've recently ordered my first game on floppy disk (after more than almost twenty years since my last software purchase for my C64) from Protovision and am looking forward to receiving it. For my first purchase, I decided to go with the game Soulless, an exploration platformer.

With the purchase of the disk, I was given access to the disk image to download. Even though I've had a chance to play the game without the disk, I'm still looking forward to getting the disk. The game, by the way, is very good and I'll do a review, once the diskette arrives.

Soulless was released back in 2012, but a part two to the game is in development! And, just recently, Psytronik released another game I'm interested in, Planet Golf. Once my Soulless disk shows up and I'm happy with the final product, I'll be getting this one, next, I think.

Over at Protovision, I'm anxiously awaiting the NTSF diskette release of their new shoot 'em up game, Galencia. It looks like a really fun shooter and it's on my short list, as well.

It's so great to see such high quality games still being made for my adored C64! If you haven't heard of these new games for your C64 and C128, I encourage you to check them out.

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