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Well, it took me somewhere around twenty four years, but I finally got around to buying a new game on floppy disk for my C64/128. What I decided to buy for myself is the game Soulless, published by Psytronik. And, after just over a month, the parcel finally arrived. It was a long wait, but I can overlook that, as the disk had to make it's way over here from the UK.

Thankfully, while I was waiting for the disk to arrive, Psytronik provided a link to a disk image of the game, which I downloaded and played on my C128, via my Retroswitch Flyer…

Retroswitch Flyer

I'm really pleased with the quality of the diskette and the game. So, I foresee my collection of C64 disks growing once again with more games from Psytronik. I think I'll give some other C64 game developers a try, as well, and start showing these talented people some support for their efforts.

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