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It may sound a little silly, but I foresee, as time progresses, that I will be spending even more of my leisure time playing more games on my C64 and C128. It's turning out to be the only form of digital entertainment that my mind is willing to accept. Because, the crap on T.V. and in the movies of today are becoming far too sadistic for me to enjoy, let alone watch.

My wife and I gave up television several years ago and rarely do we ever hear about a movie we want to see. Even if we did hear about a movie, it wouldn't be all that convenient to go see it, anyway, because of where we living. You see, three years ago, we sold our house in the city and moved out to a homestead we bought, out here on the southern Saskatchewan prairie. The closest town is a half hour drive away, and the closets city (with a multiplex) is about a two hour drive away.

We also have limited bandwidth on the Internet where we are, so our video/T.V. entertainment is provided by our video collection, small amounts of Netflix, and what ever we can download from YouTube (without running out of our monthly bandwidth allowance).

We also, from time to time, get videos copied to hard drive for us from family members. This is from where our “current” movie and television program comes to us. And, recently, there is very little new content that we can actually tolerate these days.

Case in point: a couple days ago, we tried to watch “Logan”, I assume this being the latest chapter in the X-Men series of movies, and we had to stop the movie after about a half hour of watching. It was just so dark, depressing, and sadistic, that we couldn't take it anymore. I mean, in the first ten minutes of the thing, we must have heard the “F” word at least a dozen times. What was that about? Never had I heard a super hero movie go on about “effin” this and “effin” that so much!

In this particular batch of videos, we also have the first couple seasons of the television show, “Gotham”. It was okay, I suppose, in the first half dozen episodes of the series, but soon degenerated into yet more overly dark and sadistic story lines that grew tiresome very quickly for us. Cold blooded murder, mutilations, blood, gore, cannibalism and immorality, seems to be just the way things are on the big and small screen these days. And, apparently, in Canada, the number one show on television is “The Walking Dead”. This is what our children and young adults are watching? No wonder the world is so screwed up these days.

Anyways, with nothing but garbage apparently coming out of the movie/television industry, we have no choice but to return to the entertainment from our past. For us, this encompasses our collection of DVD boxed sets of old T.V. shows, as well as my collection of LaserDiscs and the video games from my youth, which brought me a lot of fun; without all of this depressing baggage that the modern world of entertainment is forcing upon us. I can only image the kind of sadistic crap is in today's video games.

I adore my 64 and 128 even more, these days. Long live old-school gaming!

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