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I've been spending some time going through all of the disk images I have for the Loadstar “disk mag”, trying to document all of the games and applications which I find to be the best of the bunch. As I've been doing this, I've discovered that Loadstar actually published a fairly good number of programs for the C128.

I received my C128 during my second year at college and I liked it a lot. Thankfully, it was fully compatible with all of my C64 peripherals and library of software. Unfortunately, this is where I wish I could have utilized my C128 more, as I didn't have any software that could use it's other resources beyond the C64 mode. I also didn't have a monitor capable of supporting the 80 column mode, or other improved peripherals, like the 1571 floppy drive.

I also didn't know anyone else who owned a C128, nor did I see any software on the shelves for it at the retail stores. But, as I'm going through the issues of Loadstar, I've been quite surprised at how much software they had published for the C128. If I knew this, back in the day, I probably would have purchased more issues of Loadstar, just for the C128 software.

Much of the C128 specific software is utilities and applications, but there are a few games peppered in there; although, to be honest, they aren't very good. I even came across an article on one of the disks that explains how to create a cable to connect the DE-9 port (for 80 column display) to a standard RCA video jack; which I could have used to access the C128 80 column mode.

I'll be adding some of these C128 Loadstar programs to by play-list on YouTube, as there still seems to be little information on C128-specific software, out there on the Net.

Did you (or do you) have a C128 of your own? If so, did you have any software for it? If so, let me know on the DISCUSSIONS page.

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