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My top ten reasons as to why a Commodore 64 is better than a PC or a Mac:

  1. You can use a C64 hooked up to any T.V.
  2. A C64 boots up in less than 4 seconds.
  3. The C64 uses the only operating system that Bill Gates ever wrote that doesn't crash.
  4. C64 users do not have to deal with constant upgrades, bug fixes and patches. All 17 million units sold during the production run used the same operating system, Commodore BASIC 2.0.
  5. You can never accidentally remove a file from a C64's operating system.
  6. If a C64 becomes infected by a computer virus, you simply power it off and back on again to start over with a clean system.
  7. The only cookies you need to worry about with a C64 are the kind that leave crumbs on the keyboard.
  8. Peripherals for a C64 are true “plug-and-play”; no drivers required.
  9. A blue screen on a C64 is actually a good thing!
  10. C64 users aren't as arrogant as Mac users and are more intelligent than Windows users.
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