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It's been quite a while since I've been able to add anything to my Commodore collection. But, last week, I was able to acquire a few components for which I've been looking (thanks Aaron!).

First up is my new VIC-20. I never owned my own VIC-20, back in the day. However it was a computer that was responsible for kindling my interest in computing. My uncle owned a VIC-20 and, at one timed, loaned it to us for a while. So, even though I didn't do much with the VIC-20, back in the day, it is nice to have it in the collection and to tinker with it again.

I don't know much about the different product runs of the VIC-20, but I think the one I have is an earlier one. The badge on the computer is a simple-looking one, with no Commodore style colour bars on it. It's also one that was made in Canada.

Along with the VIC-20, I got a few game cartridges it for it. They are Omega Race, Avenger (Space Invader clone) and Cosmic Cruncher (a Pac-Man clone that uses the Commodore logo as Pac-Man).

Next up is the Commodore Datasette. This is something I was wanting to add to my C64 set-up for a while. It's not because I have any software on cassette, but rather, it is just such a big part of the C64's history that I wanted to have one to round off the collection.

The Datasette was also loaned to us, from my uncle, during the brief time we borrowed the VIC-20. So, using it for the first time, after all these years, brought back some good memories, as well.

I also picked up a 1541 floppy disk drive. I don't have room for it on my desk, so it will be a back up drive, for now. This was the model of floppy disk drive that I had, back in the day. I didn't get my 1541-II until I got my C128, during my second year of college.

And speaking of which, the last thing I picked up last week was a second C128. The C128 I already had in my collection started to develop some problems with it's video chip a little while ago. So, I thought, having a back-up would be good. It's also in nicer shape - the case has not yellowed, like the other one.

So, after a while of not having any new Commodore hardware, I got myself a few nice items. Now, if I can only find me an SX-64 portable.

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